10 September 2005

tired, sick and happy about it

my body is my best friend. really.

i have been working late for the past week, all trying to get a demo out to the customer in time and create a good impression, that will, hopefully, make things easier for my transition out of this country to another project.

my body reacted to all the work and lack of sleep. i'm currently having a sore throat and a nasal congestion. i'm down with flu. gosh. and i'm happy. i missed my orphanage this morning because of this; i really wanted to visit the orphanage, but i can't - the flu forced me to stay in bed.

and that's why i'm happy. next to the normal 21 days of vacation i have every year (which i have plenty of left - still have something like 36 days of vacation), when i get to slow down, i have been working myself down to a grind all the time. that's why i'm happy whenever i'm sick - it's the only times when i get a break from the routine.

so here i am blogging away instead of writing reports and chasing documents.


i took 3 friends to the bangkok marriot resort on the chao phraya river in thonburi, across the river from bangkok. we took the sky train from ari to saphan taksin, then took a short walk to the central pier where we boarded a converted rice barge to the marriot resort.

the resort is beautiful, and on the river terrace restaurant, you have a dinner buffet and traditional thai dances on show.

the buffet spread was amazingly generous, not the normal ku-hon hotel fares you'll find in kl. i mean, not even the mandarin oriental spread can't compare to this. it takes 5 minutes just to walk the entire spread - bbq seafood, mongolian hotplate, teppanyaki, italian, indian, thai, chinese, sushi & sashimi, noddles, sweets, ice cream, fruits and confectionaries. it's food heaven.

i had 5 courses of food, plenty of drinks and some ice-cream too. good stuff, excellent atmosphere with music and traditional thai dance shows plus good food and company. so i had a good time. the boat ride to and fro was excellent as well.

damage is a modest thb 4994 ~ rm 450.


dee's arundo restaurant opens today. well, not exactly, it's the grand opening today, but it's been open like forever. there's an alcohol buffet, which i intend to participate, so i'll try to nurse myself back to health for that. :-))

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