07 September 2005

life or something like it

i'm just beginning to get life back. the laptop i have previously failed last week and there was a huge void created. no games, no blogging, no working, no surfing. emptiness prevailed for a weekend.

immediately after getting it back from ibm techsupport, the ol' lady failed on saturday. guess it was time.

i was issued this replacement, but this laptop was incompletely configured, so i struggled for another 2 days before i got it to work.

so, life i now back to a little normal. things are better. but i'm still missing the old lady. she's got more meat. i heard that the old lady's hard drive might be ... ** gosh ** ... corrupted. praying hard that it'll be ok. heard it support is backing up my data even as i blog.

now, once i'm done with the backlogged work, i'll migrate the bali blogs. this time, i'm for real.

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