02 September 2005

back from the dead

she's back !! i mean the laptop's back after a bit of tender screwing about, had its internal ripped out and replaced, and will a bit of lube, oil and wax, the t40's back from the dead. thank you, ibm support !!!

there was an emptiness in my life, one that felt like knowing the universe is ending soon, the feeling of void so obvious multiplied by infinity and plunged into the unending depths of a black hole. that's what the laptop means to me.

my hands were shaking, lost without the keyboard underneath it to stroke. my nose ran so hard, i only found it 20 minutes later, buried in a pile of used tissue paper. my eyes turned misty when i thought of the empty space on my desk where she would normally be on. oh, my t40, i miss you more than words.

this morning when tech support handed her back to me, the first touch sent shivers thru me, i felt a small spark just when i was about to caress her smooth cover. when i finger fumbled and found her power button, i shudder in my thoughts ... what if she's not back. had she changed? had she undergone trauma so great her former self will be lost forever? would she be an empty shell in her former body?

alas, i think too much. i thought too much. she came back to life with a small flicker. she's back. she's here with me. she was responsive, but like her old self, teasingly slow at times. she was there for me, at my command, but just once in a while, she reminded me she's there, she slowed down.

that i am even typing this blog this moment is a testament to the will and strength of the ibm tech support people. as i walked away from the tech support, i gave a small sigh of relief, and held her tightly by me. you're not going anywhere soon, girl.

and, welcome back.


so it's back to the grind for the moment. my next project would be to try and put in my bali adventures into this blog. just wanna compare the speed with the other blog i keep.

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