15 January 2007

Hitting the wall / Wrecked with Guilt

Today, I literally hit the wall. That wall. The one you call fatigue.

Halfway through the workday today, I suddenly felt dizziness. My head felt like spinning, and while it wasn't an ache, the head wasn't quite natural at all.

I quickly grabbed a can of Coke, thinking the sugar rush would help. No help. In fact it worsened. So, I finished the immediate tasks at hand, and headed home for a quick nap. Gym can wait for another day.

I'm happy to report that it's all ok now. I'm feeling much better after a few hours of nap. And I'll be sleeping before midnight tonight as well. I think it's prudent for me to get rested now while I still have the luxury of that.

Sometimes, just when you think you can still pia, your body reminds you that you ain't in college no more. =)


My parents took the other car to a wedding dinner last night, and on their way home on a very unfamiliar road, they had a very minor accident.

Good news is, no one's hurt.

Bad news is, my sister, the rightful owner of that car, is feeling hard done and had some very harsh words for my parents. I can understand she feels hard done by. I can also understand my parent's exasperation that she had reacted in such a manner. It's just people reacting to a situation differently.

The bumper, the driver side lights and the side piece on the driver side had some minor damage, and the driver side door is now having some problem opening and closing. But the car's very much ok, and the damage, in all honesty, is cosmetic.

Not for the first time, I had to step in to mediate. And that means I get to pay for the repairs, and will have to take the car for repairs, in my own time. It also means tedious negotiation with both parties - my parents, and my sister. I have to make sure no one's thinking they're at fault, and I also have to make sure everyone remains on non-yelling terms. It's interesting how some problems get resolved, and it hit me today my mediation skills at work originate in part from home.

Sometimes, I feel wrecked with guilt that our own schedules don't allow us to drive or be with our parents to wedding dinners. This is one of that sometimes.

And I'm saying this without any ill-feelings or ill-intentions: I'm really bored to death seeing my relatives getting drunk at every wedding dinner, and their little antics when they're not. Can't the elders gather without comparing how the younger youngs are doing? And wouldn't it be possible to lay off that karaoke? If it's just a civil reception with no high drama, I'd probably turn up a lot more often.

Family, what would life be without family ? =)


Applegal said...

Glad to hear you're all right now. Yes, family is family, can't run away from them :)

angel said...

You ah you ahhh... mai kong lu nia... Hmmmph!!

Please get enough of rest! Maybe you too stress?? Pssst! Year of Dragon mya orang, this year ada Peach Blossom Luck! *wink*

Ei, you also like to drink wat, rite? A lotta ppl like to drink... and they get drunk too... hor, inevitable? :P

Inevitable said...

Hey bro, how are you feeling right now? I think you need some whisky lah. You know what, I think we should drag angel out for a drink, tokkok and KARAOKE!! Hahaha.

I am 100% against karaoke from my wedding dinner but the thing is, my 'father in law' can really sing... just that I do not know how to appreciate...

Winn said...

family is platinum.

u so nice one...i have never been a mediator in my family..
i think ur sis jus over-reacted at that point of time coz she felt the pain..she meant no harm one:D

i esp hate those wedding 'tai kum poh''..very sampat one..

may said...

the most important outcome out of all the ill feelings or harsh words and emptier pockets -- that everyone is safe and sound. :)

rest well, we only have one life to live. live it well.

Will said...

get some rest, don't overwork yourself... as you say, ain't college days anymore... hehehe

good la you, peacemaker of the family huh :D

moz monster said...

It's fine now. People need to have the room to express their frustrations.

Eh ? Apa ni ... peach blossom luck ?. You mean, I will stop being ronery this year? Sure anot? They say that every year leh ...

Can !!! Anytime !!! yaaaaaam seng can be arranged one. angel if she come to kalaoke we try to tui jui her, ok? hehehehehehe ...

Yeah, family is platinum, work is gold and friends is just classic ... hehehe ... wei, you classify everything according to credit card color is it ? =)

I have to mediate, otherwise can't watch Astro in peace.

And yeah, those tai kum poh ... damn sampat one ...

*feels instant peace*

Thanks for your wise words. That's why I step in to mediate ... too much yelling means my life won't go too well ...

Yes, Master Will. After no more 'debate', then only can be restful ...

*tucks myself into bed*

Kenny Ng said...

U were just too tired, get more rest. Glad to hear that ur parents r ok, but ur sister shouldn't scold them like that lah, I felt sorry to hear that.

moz monster said...

I think I can understand my sister's little outburst. The important thing is that the whole matter is considered resolved now ...

Sometimes, people get a lot of stress, and are unable to express it or relieve it. And then some incident comes along, and it just triggers an outpouring of all that stress. It's a modern day disease ...

JL said...

workaholic *point at Moz

oi kawan kerja tu kerja but must jaga badan juga tau.

Lu UN of ur family ya... bagus bagus. keep up the good work :)

Jemima said...

These days I don't let Dad drives at night. If they have any dinners, no matter how buzy I am, I made it a point to drive them there & back.. I love my parents very much.. They have been the pillars ever since I was still inside Mum.

Take care, Moz.

moz monster said...

yes, me realise me need to sleep more.

and need to keep self healthy. that's why i've been going to gym as steadily as i can.

Well, my dad's very capable of driving on his own. And he appreciates it if we let him do it, really.

I think this is just a case of frustrated people venting out at the wrong ocassion.

Che-Cheh said...

Hey don't work too hard. Take a rest from time to time.

As for family...sometimes we give out harsh words to our family but at the end of the day all are forgiven because we are family and we love each other.