23 January 2007


I'll be on the road again this week.

Hanoi, for work this time. I doubt I'll enjoy Hanoi as a work destination. Holidays always bring the best out of a city, but work, well, it exposes the underbelly of big corporation. And work is work is work is work.

I believe access to blogger / blogspot might be restricted in Vietnam, so blogging is really depending on whether I get access to the blog in the first place. But if the trip lives up to the itinerary, I'm kind of sure there won't be too much to blog. Maybe the ocassional rants.

And for once, I'll be missing my dose of sunshine. =(

Wish me luck, people. This is not an easy roadtrip.


angel said...

I gib liu S U N S H I N E here!

*does the Care Bear stance*

pelf said...

WHOA! You get to go to Hanoi again wor.. Soo lucky.. *looks at Moz with envious*

Jemima said...

Have a good & safe trip, Moz. :)

Applegal said...

I'm sure when you return you'll get enough sunshine ;) Cheers, have a good flight!

Che-Cheh said...

We will be waiting for you here. hehehe

Happy journey.

may said...

take care of yourself while travelling arond, yea? and always keep some charcoal pills handy, errr... just in case...

safe journeys!

Will said...

if you're a coffee person, don't forget the coffees there :D

i'm sure it'll be a good trip, think positive :P

Kenny Ng said...

Vietnam is booming now, my friend also in Hanoi, now still quite bored over there but another 5 years will be alot different lor...

Good luck for ur Hanoi working trip.

Inevitable said...

*Imagining angel doing the carebear dance*

Muahahahaha... sorry, can't help it.

JL said...

Have a safe journey and take care ya...

Ambil banyak banyak gambar & show us later k. Cheers

Infectioner said...

Rmb to come back with a Vietnam girl wor XD

moz monster said...

Wah !!!! Carebears somemore ??

I'm a gummi bears person. And now I'm nano bear. But me so happy to accept your sunshine !!!

*takes sunshine from angeliu and keep in pocket*

We can trade places. I'm on a business trip, and I'm ready for some hard negotiations. I really think counting terrapin red blood cell is easier =)

Thanks !!! *hugs

I sure look forward to sunshine once I'm back !!! ;)

Wah !!! Make me miss you leh, when you say liddat !!

Charcoal pills? No lah ... I just keep a list of dim sum places everywhere I go to. =)

Thanks !! The coffee .... wassai ... strong, aiteliu ... strong ... really strong. One cuppa will keep you a-going until the sun goes down !

I should be the one wishing you well !!!! Congrats on taking the first step to your next interesting chapter !!!!

*joins angel and inevitable in doing the carebear dance*

hehe ... this can be fun !!!

Ya ... jl ... sekiranya masa mengizinkan, akan tuan hamba mengambil gambar banyak banyak untuk tantapan jl ... =)

Malaysia so many girls and you want me to get a Vietnamese one? =P

I'm perfectly happy with Malaysian girl.

Winn said...

when u coming back?
take care ok... :)

Winn said...

when u coming back?
take care ok... :)

moz monster said...

i cum back soon.

i cum back soon.

i will take care.

i will take care.

echo lah you ... ;)

Winn said...

hahah! hor! say cannot access blogger there but in actual fact u can! lie har?

can one la..i acess blogger frm hcm hotel b4

moz monster said...

no lie lar ... last time i stay in that sunny hotel in old quarters hor, kenot access blogger ...

but this time from sheraton hanoi (very damn blardy nice hotel), can access woh ! how ?

Steve said...

I think blog access depends on the hotel you stay in. The Hoa Binh hotel where I stayed is government run, yet I've had a couple of hits on my blog from the building across the road from the hotel.

moz monster said...

I realised that blog access is really, like you said, dependant on the hotel you're staying at.

This trip back to Hanoi, I stayed at the posh Sheraton Hanoi (it's a business trip). And there's access to everything from the Sheraton.