15 January 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About The Monster

When the day comes when you're delighted to see yourself getting tagged to do a meme of any sort, you know it's that time of the month ... when ideas have dried up, and there isn't too much happening as well.

Angeliu tagged me, and wants to know 5 things about me that is previously unknown. Hehe ... sure ... with glee ...

Since most other bloggers who've responded to this also wrote primarily about their childhood, or at least touch the subject of childhood, I'll stick to the same topics ...

Unknown Fact #1
On the last day on my first year in school, I actually had a fight with some Standard 6 kids. I don't remember much, but I and some other kids in my class bashed the heck out of the Standard 6 kids. Brooms, chairs, shoes, water ... we used just about everything against them. I also recall this totally mind numbing rotan session administered by mum after that. I actually don't know how this fact would benefit you readers, but I was asked to point out things you don't know about me, right ?

Unknown Fact #2
As a young child, I was the naughtiest thing you can find. I think I would've smacked the little version of me if I met him today. I was every kindergarden teacher's nightmare. I was always climbing and jumping from high places. Until this one day when I fell down head first from a 1 storey high train house, and had these massive swelling on the left temple of my head. I remember the swelling went on for at least a month. And ever since that day, my climbing days were over.

Unknown Fact #3: My parents always thought I wouldn't do very well in school. We couldn't really afford tuition, and unlike other parents, my parents could not help me with my homework. Then, one day, I turned up with straight 100's on my report card in Standard 2. My mum still keep that report card. =)

Unknown Fact #4
Once in my uni days, me and my pals got really drunk, and we all dared each other to do silly things. I was the only one who successfully carried out my dare. And my dare? To eat 8 large, juicy, Australian watermelon. I think that's when I started to get fat ... because of the expanded tummy I got. I remember going to the toilet very often that night.

Unknown Fact #5: I used to be the straightest, most naive, and trusting person you'd ever meet. I once got ffk'ed for bowling by a girl who claimed she had to see a dentist. And I once got ffk'ed again by another girl who was supposed to come watch the Phantom of the Opera, she claimed to have forgotten it all. I guess you can also read from this unknown fact, that girls like to ffk me. For the unititiated, ffk = fong fei kei = skip a date / no show at some appointment.

So, there you have it, 5 fun, albeit unknown facts about Moz. After you've read it, I hope you are closer to knowing me better. And I hope girls will stop ffk-ing me. It's no fun anymore !!! Pleaseeeeeeee ?

As for tagging, I'd like to just tag 2 persons:
(1) Applegal - haven't seen her do a meme before.
(2) Infectioner - Ipoh boy, tell me something I don't know !!!


ch9099 said...

Congratulations. Its a nice blog you are keeping here. Keep it up and all the best.If you have some time, do check my personal blog and don't forget to leave a little comment for me while you are there.

angel said...

Ei... I never ffk you before okayyy...

Thanks for doing the tag!

may said...

I dunno if the "childhood" theme started from mine, LOL! but it's good, better than just 5 random facts, yea?

can I smack you too? very gentle wan... *soft piak*

Jemima said...

Thanks for sharing. :)
Now I know more about you. :p

Will said...

you "used to be the straightest, most naive, and trusting person"... so now not anymore la? does that mean you're crooked, matured, and suspicious? :P

kidding LOL

moz monster said...


That's for never ffk me.

*soft ouch*

Yeah, good to actually recall some of my childhood, which I really, don't think too much about nowadays.

What is the piak for, btw ?

Cheers ... hope you get a more 'real' picture of Moz.

Now I'm the most "cunning, conniving and dishonest" person you can meet - NOT !!!

Haha ... I'm a little less naive, do a bit more thinking before accepting as fact, and still very trusting, but I'm less of the frog under the coconut shell type ...

Inevitable said...

Ffk or tfk?

Applegal said...

I hate it when ppl ffk me, and sad to say that I will remember it for a long time :P I have a friend who's ffk me so much he should have his own private airport :P

Infectioner said...

i got did this tag before lar -___-

Che-Cheh said...

Wuahh you were once so naughty one ar..can't imagine. Haha

moz monster said...

ffk lah ... tfk is a separate case altogether.

does this friend have an airline named after him ? =P

Do again lah ? Find another 5 unknown facts ....

I had been more than a handful in my past !!!

Winn said...

interesting childhood story...!! ..why boy canot sit still hor? thats why i had to chain liucas somtimes:P

moz monster said...

Don't liddat lah ... liucas can chain ... but if you chain all the boy hor ... then it's called s&m, ok?

later all the boys who come to you bring dog collar and chain how ?

raisins is a rich source of natural anti-oxidants !

JL said...

7 melons O_o... impress impress