24 May 2006

Top Ten Adjustments I Am Doing To Conserve Electricity

Ok. Adjust yourselves. You'll hear some very similar excuses soon. "Our power prices is still the lowest in the region ...", "The price of goods should not be increased ...". You get the drift.

If you haven't heard, the electricity tariff is increasing at an average of 12% on 1st June. This means you've been hit twice this year ... yes, we've had a petrol price increase. And while we're promised there isn't another increase this year, no one told us we won't get a water or electricity tariff increase.

So, with the hole in your pocket getting just that much bigger, what can you do to combat the likelihood of poverty that this electricity price increase will bring about ??

Here, the Top Ten Adjustments I Am Doing To Conserve Electricity ...

  • I'm gonna start getting used to cold showers instead of hot / warm showers.
  • I'm hiring foreign workers to fan me to keep me cool - like how the Roman Emporers get fanned in the movies. Screw the air conditioners. It's cheaper.
  • I'm replacing all the bulbs at home with jars full of fireflies.
  • I'll force my sister to generate her own electricity whenever she wants to watch 20 episodes of Korean serials in one go.
  • Please contact me if you have one of those antique coal powered irons, ok?
  • I'm stopping all my all-day BitTorrent downloading with immediate effect. I'll now just do BitTorrents from 8 pm - 8 am ...
  • I'm scraping all the Hip Hop / Rave / House parties planned at my place and replacing 'em with Pajamas parties. You need less lighting for Pajamas parties.
  • Next time I see my mum about to use the electric kettle, I'll stop her, and give her a magnifying glass instead.
  • To all my friends that are coming over to watch World Cup, I'm charging an electricity surcharge. You have been warned - but I'll waiver if you'll bring a six pack.
  • I'll have to ask my friends to stop using my microwave oven to dry their socks and underwear. Just hang 'em out to dry, will ya? Yes, even if it means people will see that you're wearing underwear with Power Puff girl pictures.


Evelyn said...

Very good suggestions, I'm sure you'll do well with them. LOL.

Inevitable said...

soon it will be water, telephone etc etc... better start thinking top ten for those

Wingz said...

lets just face it ok? someone need more money and we are all FuckED! nuff's said!

Che-Cheh said...

I'm moving to the jungle. :DDD

moz monster said...

evelyn: I've already started implementing some. My sister is SO generating her own electricity.

inevitable: I've prepared one for water a long, long, time ago. I'm just wondering what's next - Oxygen tax ? Sleep tax ?

wingz: Brader, you know I know lah ... And all these time, TNB is making record profits and also buying unnecessary power from IPPs.

che-cheh: You don't know the Cukai Tanah rate in the jungle, do you?? And I heard they might impose an Oxygen tax soon - pay as you breathe.