29 May 2006

2006: A Thai Odyssey

Currently on a secret trip to Bangkok ... wooOOOOooooWeeeeEEEE ...

Had a good time shopping like a mad man in Chatuchak ... the place didn't change ... the folks at my regular stores still remember me !!!

And I passed the weekend market Thai test ... I did all my shopping, bargaining, and asking for directions in Thai today ... and no one guessed I wasn't native !!! YaaaaAAAaaaaAy!!!

Chatuchak ... best place to shop for bargains

Got myself bags, socks, phone accessories, aromatheraphy stuff and even some local Thai art. I need to shop for more bags now.

Then went to Dee's Arundo. In case you don't know, Dee is my Thai friend. And Arundo is a restaurant he co-owns with some friends. Hanged out, did a bit of pool, tested the new Singha Lite and had a nice time chatting about the times.

Then we had the authentic Thai 'massat' deal ... they must have known I was a little sick and tired of the Thai massages I've had previously which either lacked effort or did not cover the full suit of massage. Well, in case you don't know, the real deal Thai massage is around two and a half hours of pressure massage (at first), followed on later by the massuer forcing you into Yoga posses.

This time ... damn ... I'm all hurt and still feeling the pain. When I first saw the massage lady, I thought she would be another of those rip-off deals - but damn - petite as she was - only 5 feet - she packed a punch. Apparently, the smaller or skinnier the massuer, the more pressure they can exert.

See, since their bones are smaller, it means that although they might all exert the same force, the ones with the smaller bones make you feel more pain because the same force is transferred down to a smaller point. Whatever. It just hurts.



angel said...

Yam seng!

No pain, no gain.


Che-Cheh said...

Aiyo don't tempt me with all those shopping lists la. I can get heart attack man!

Hmm shall I try massage when I'm there ?

moz monster said...

angel: Yam Seng to you too !!!

che-cheh: If you want to practice your moaning, groaning, and get a lot of pain, sure ... why not ?