02 May 2006

Ode to Labor's Day

The daily toil you and I call work
Is something we mortals all can't shirk
Give up your sweat, give up your tears
In return you get $ you hold so dear

The evil boss always crack the whip
He keeps looking out in case you slip
All your good work daily remains unseen
But once you're wrong it's a major sin

If you slow, your boss will kill you
When he's slow he's correcting after you
If you wrong, your boss will kill you
When he's wrong, he's just testing you

At the end of the month, when $ comes in
You look at the balance, and go wondering
How come you labor off like a donkey
When you're paid so little bit of money

If you come in late you're lax, not committed
When he's late, he's been really overworked
If you had a long lunch, you're plain lazy
When his lunch is long, he's just too busy

My pocket's always empty, where is my money?
I'm paid like a monkey, but work like a donkey
Boss driver Benz, I everyday just take LRT
Boss everyday eat in Starhill, I just eat Maggi Mee

Company damn kiamsiap everything also control
Paper and pen, phones calls, Milo, even the toilet roll
Take training kena bond, don't take kena scold
Train in US, tied up with company till you turn old

I want a fair deal, I want a fair deal
I want to eat something decent every meal
I want some fair play, I want some fair play
I want to enjoy myself some day ...

I want my own house, I want my Benz
I don't want to work too hard for RMs and sens
We all work so darned hard, me and you
Don't you wish to be paid what you're due?

It's Labor Day yesterday. I was out enjoying the little bit of time off I had (I was working Saturday and Sunday) and I wasn't feeling too good, so I went out to get some sun (took a walk in FRIM), some shopping theraphy (bought myself a tee and 1GB SD card) and some health hazard (Low Yat plaza is now a smoker's haven).

Happy Labor Day to you all folks.


Inevitable said...

Low Yat a smoking have? hmm...

angel said...

*clap clap clap*

getting more keng liao... now can become poet oso!

moz monster said...

inevitable: Try walking in Low Yat - it's like a pub - the people are all smoking.

angel: hehehe ... I try only ... =)

Che-Cheh said...

You smoke ? hehehe

moz monster said...

che-cheh: No, I don't smoke. Actually, I did smoke when I was 3 years old - just 1 mouthful - and I have given up since.