19 November 2005

streamyx sucks big time

my work is increasingly encroaching into my life, as is the case with many people who working in the corporate world out there. nowadays, midnight conference calls are not that uncommon, as are things such as overnight assignments, stand-bys, etc. etc.

my neighbour, who works from home gave me some very good feedback with regards to streamyx at one of our get togethers, so i was thinking ... hmm ... what if i can do some of my work at home, from the comfort of my airconditioned room, while sipping my favourite chinese tea .... not bad, sounds like an idea.

with that in mind, i finally subscribed to tmnet's streamyx service last week. after my service activation on 16/11, wednesday, i was able to start using broadband internet at home, which made my work and life so much easier. i thought i was finally able to get some work done at home without waiting for the tiny 28.8 kbps phone line to transmit the MBs and MBs of files i normally send and receive.

well, streamyx chose a fine time to show how 3rd world we really are in malaysia.

on 17/11, there appears to be a large scale authentication server failure ... no one could really authenticate, and thus, log on. the fine (*&)(*$#& at their call center first told me ... no problem, 1 hour sure solve ... just need to reset the password. (btw, what FUCKING rights do they have to ask me for my IC number and phone number to reset password. reset, reset la ... need password la, this la, that la ....)

ok lor ... wait 1 hour and 30 minutes. then ... ? cannot. call again to call center. this time, the girl said ... wait another 2 - 3 hours lor ....

ok. wait. then ? still cannot. still cannot authenticate. still cannot logon. don't care, postponed my conference call, and then went on to sleep.

next morning, still problem. still cannot authenticate. ** PISSED OFF **. still, no time to do much, just went to work instead.

then at night come home .... (this is 18/11 already) ... SHIT ... the dsl light not on, not blinking, actually, just simply not on. FUCK.

call call center. asked me to do stupid things such as plug modem straight into phone jack, test phone line quality, pinch my nose, close my eyes, bend down, extend my right hand and turn 5 times. still no work. how ?

call again. now, this fine fellow told me to be patient, he filed report already, must wait 24 FUCKED UP HOURS - 48 EVEN MORE FUCKED UP HOURS before can resolve.


at 25% success rate, i'd probably rate my internet experience when i was in sudan to be more reliable. SUDAN INTERNET BETTER THAN FUCKED UP STREAMYX SERVICE.

in thailand, where i worked for 1 year, i probably had internet problems for what ... 2 days in the whole year. no service interruptions, immediate support, no downtime because of upgrades, etc. etc.

i wanna know how i can wriggle clear of my 2 year sign up. the whole thing is just so FUCKING unreliable.

and you wanna know what's even better? no customer feedback hotline one, you know. you not happy ah ? write email or snailmail la. where can call one ?


i'm sad to be a malaysian. we are nothing but a magazine with glossy cover, but no contents.


Kenny Lee said...

you will get used to it.
Got streamyx better than those 56K, rite?

AhYap said...

Honestly I have really given up about them as it seems like they don't want to do anything about it. Everyday I still see streamyx advertisement in the newspapers. The marketing team is working hard, but the technical teams just sucks!
Streamyx Sucks!

rvg said...

fuck streamyx la... come back from singapore then use the internet here so much fucking difference.. somemore say broadband.. broad yr head la.. cannot even load up www.yahoo.com hompage wat the fuk service is this only know how to get subscribers earn subscription fee liao then dun care abt service liao

-StReaMYX SuCkS- said...


a concerned malaysian said...

Hey man... Read your post after googling "streamyx"
Here's 2 viable(hopefully) alternatives I've found so far by googling around and reading forum posts:
Havent tried it yet but at this point whats there to lose?
They have a good backbone supposedly and an alright gateway(NTT DOCOMO)
Im sick of TMNut's bullshit. See you on the otherside brother.

Anonymous said...

you will continue to face problem with streamyx, and they will continue to give fuckup answers until you are 50 years old...by then you will get use to it... :p

Anonymous said...

Well it sums it up that this little comment window took a long time to load... alternatives mentioned are of no use in East Malaysia. Here it is 100% monopoly.

If I'm wrong PLEASE tell me where I can get an alternative?

I too have had the pathetic "technical support" of "Are you usng a splitter?". Of course I'm using a splitter fool, you think I'm shouting through my monitor?

"Plug directly into phone socket"

Certainly, I enjoy re-arranging my home office and dragging everything across the room, to get the exact same result.

The first time I had problems with streamy-intermittent-crawl the muppet told me to "delete all cookies"

What? Yeah and standing on one leg would help too, right?


The other classic is "Do you get any error messages?" Yeah, try "Page cannot be displayed", fool!

I now have genuine Windows, which is nice, and it has a connectivity testing thing.. run through lots of auto-testing then it says "Contact your service provider".

WHAT service provider, I only have streamyfux and that aint no service!

I feel your pain bro, this shit sux.

Anonymous said...

Well it sums it up that this little comment window took a long time to load... alternatives mentioned are of no use in East Malaysia. Here it is 100% monopoly.

If I'm wrong PLEASE tell me where I can get an alternative?

I too have had the pathetic "technical support" of "Are you usng a splitter?". Of course I'm using a splitter fool, you think I'm shouting through my monitor?

"Plug directly into phone socket"

Certainly, I enjoy re-arranging my home office and dragging everything across the room, to get the exact same result.

The first time I had problems with streamy-intermittent-crawl the muppet told me to "delete all cookies"

What? Yeah and standing on one leg would help too, right?


The other classic is "Do you get any error messages?" Yeah, try "Page cannot be displayed", fool!

I now have genuine Windows, which is nice, and it has a connectivity testing thing.. run through lots of auto-testing then it says "Contact your service provider".

WHAT service provider, I only have streamyfux and that aint no service!

I feel your pain bro, this shit sux.

Anonymous said...

Managed to post the above twice cos it took so damn long to acknowledge the first post.

I've used the internet in Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, UK, France and even Indonesia, I have NEVER known such a shit service.

Ramli AR said...

If you ever thinking of switching to JARING wireless. You may come to my booth in Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre and you can get connection instantly... if you are in the coverage area, that is. Bring along one bill as proof of valid address.
Ramli AR

Anonymous said...

relax guys...
im gonna set up a new company which provides better internet connection.
fuck streamyx. they r gonna die under my company. maybe i cant set up this company becuz the fucking gov*****nt is controlling things......
you'll never know....
tell u wat..
when ur streamyx broked down, just call them n scold them as loud n as shit as u can.
it might not be the best way but it makes u feel better 4 screwing them.
pity to those who r working there.
repeat "direct plug to socket, r u usin splitter?" etc questions all the time

Kaigaishii-san said...

Man, there's no use getting mad here and there. Maybe we just need to bring this stuff to the Parliment or to the PM himself.

Damn, I can't really download anime movies with this sluggish connection.

By the way, do you guys think that the Parliment or the PM himself gonna address this issue? If not, I think I'm going to riot..

Anonymous said...

What with all the fuss. I have been using streamy for over two years now on my AMD PC and my old PC laptop with no problem. The only time I experience slow connection was when TMNet doing the system upgrading.

I'd downloaded tons of my favourite anime and I feel the download speed is OK (around 90kB/s - 120kB/s) either via BT or direct download. I don't understand why you guys complaining.

Oh, forgot to mentioned. Another time where I face slow connection was when I late pay the bill... heh..heh..

I suggest stop complaining and check your system setup first. There's no problem with the connection its just your system which need to be properly setup.

moz monster said...

If you're not paid by TM or work for TM, I'm not sure what to make of you ...

I think it's kind of clear it wasn't a setup problem from the post I've put up ... so, please don't be yet another TMNet call center agent, and ask me to set things up properly.

There was really a period when TMNet services to many areas of the Klang Valley was down outright for many weeks. If you're lucky enough not to have been affected, thank your maker, and shut your trap.

Anonymous said...

Tsk...tsk...tsk.. saying that I'm getting paid by TM or work for TM, I think you just act childish. Well, I'm actually a freelance Graphic Designer and live in Ampang, Selangor. I don't know anybody from TMNet. Not even their "Despatch Clerk".

From your post you'd put up earlier, clearly it was your setup problem. I have a friend who had the same problem like most of you are having now. He called TMNet service centre, but to no avail. I advice him to consult with computer technician with his setup. It's only takes few minutes for the technician to solve the problem.

Peoply normally like to brag, oh I have the best computer hardware. Latest processor, hundreds of Gigs of hard disk, more than 1 Gig of RAM, latest video accelerator, latest OS. bla...bla...bla... But do all of them know how to make all those hardware to function properly? I would say just a mere 5% would really know how to make it function to the fullest.

As for the rest when they don't get what they expected, they just blame the seller for giving them a bad deal even there's nothing wrong with the hardware.

Same goes in this case. Don't straight away blame others when you don't even have the slightest idea of what the real cause of the problem. If you say Streamyx sucks big time and you can't even log in or get connected, Why others can? Obviously I don't that problem and same goes with all my friends and my suppliers.

For your information I always email my artwork to my clients and my suppliers because it saves me time for travel. Most of the time the file which I sent are more than 50 Meg.

If you say its only Streamyx won't get you online, I would say "BULLSHIT". Try google and you will find others who subscribe with big internet service provider in US, UK, Europe or even Japan said the same thing. They will straight away put the blame to their service provider.

I'm not saying all this on TM defense or I get any benefits from TM or TMNet. I know it's hard for us to accept our own mistake, and when it happened we tend to put the blame on others.

As for you moz monster, call a computer technician and get them to help you. As for TMNet their job are to make sure the connection are stable and fine, how would they ever know on how you do your computer setup.

For those who complain about slow speed, all you need to do is just tweak your system. I use DRTCP (you can download from the internet), it's tiny and also free. Do some setting experiment to get good speed (not all system setup are the same). After tweaking my system I manage to get 870 - 928 b/s of down speed and 360 - 384 b/s of up speed.

moz monster said...

You know what?

Say what you want ...

I know it's hard to admit that you can be wrong too ... and then you make it look like people like me have configured it all wrong ...

Well ... news for you !!! I have done all the tweaks you have talks about.

Go blow your trumpet elsewhere.

If you really want to know, of the 2 problems I had with TMNet ...

One was resolved because there was something wrong with some patching they did. That's cabling problem ...

The other was caused by a massive failure of their telco equipments serving a few areas in Klang Valley.

I wonder if you actually understand that not all problems are due to setup?

And if I have a slow connection, I'll complain about a slow connection. I actually DON'T HAVE connection both times I encountered major problems.

*tsk* .... orang cakap ini, dia jawab itu ...

Anonymous said...

Okay this is a reply to your 'IGNORANCE', If you said Stramyx are so f__k-up like what you claim and there's no connection at all, do you think all those Cyber Cafe or Internet Cafe would be long gone. But hey they are still in business.

Think logically, who would want to do internet business if the service provider are so bad like what you claim. Or do you think all those internet cafe operate using Jaring dail-up services?

I can categorize you as one of those who would never admit your stupidity and ignorance. Yet you said 'sad to be Malaysian'. Why bother staying here.

moz monster said...

Fact: There are different TMNet products for different customers. Cyber Cafes and Internet Cafes probably won't be signing up for Streamyx Home User. TMNet won't let them. And there's a different product again for Corporate users. That's how you make $$$ lah ...

Fact: I think ignorance is better used to describe a certain graphic designer from Ampang.

Fact: Do you know I work in the Telecommunications industry, and know more about how these things work than ... YOU ?

No need to argue somemore lah ... very tiring to bring myself to your lower level and argue with you ...

I think you don't see that I recognize that some people will have setup problems, but for you to tell me I'm setting it up wrongly, and blaming TMNet ... well ... how much of my intelligence are you belittling?

I sincerely hope that with your great and working setup one day TMNet won't fail you. Because then, I think, the joke's on you ...

Anonymous said...

So...who's Mr. Right anyway?

moz monster said...

If being right is so important to you, then you're WRONG !!!

Anonymous said...

yo bro..ur rite man...streamyc sucks BIG TIME!! They're just another kampung attitude in our systems..guess what..i just installed the stramyx lne an guess what...even the splitter theygave me is faulty..to add als to the wound...the modem that came in that package is a real JOKE...branded as RIGER..when I tried to configure the modem..the page came out only with the company logo..and WTF..how am i gonna configure my modem with ur stupid logo and nothing on the config page...whooa..and it was proudy stated beside that logo..with the word.." enhance by TM Research and Development"//hey TM.kalu nak glamour ,,,make sure ur systems work!!! unless u wanna make sure ur R&D team is a group of moron...!

Anonymous said...

Guys, i agree tmnet sucks and i have given up on it. But it is the only adsl isp available to me atm, so i am forced to use it. Believe me, those ppl posted who claim their line is fine is true. There is reason to it. Apparently when u r connected, u will be given a range of IPs available to u. For me i got 60.52.(0-20).xx , 124.xx.xx.xx, and 60.53.xx.xx. Only 60.52 is not working for me. It has bad international link going thru congested area(told by the technician). Previously about half year ago, 60.52 was good, that time only 60.48.xx.xx 60.50.xx.xx 60.51.xx.xx are bad. But now i think due to overselling, 60.52 got infected too. But my friends claims 60.52.75.xx and above 75 are still usable. Do not be trick by the stupid speedometer readings. It gives u the local line speed which of course runs find. Go test with an international bandwidth tester u will see the difference. Right now i just kept watch on my ips. If i see some changes i would call scold and request to change back. They did changed my ip ranged back then from 60.52 to 60.50 (tat time 60.52 was fine)

So to sum up, they are selling "malfunctioning services" with some functioning ones and it is just all depends on your luck if you can get the good range ip or not.

Anonymous said...

Oh btw, i forgot to add i dont rely on lucks in business especially when i am the one paying for it. When i am not satisfied, i will make a living hell out of them. They once putting me off for almost 3 weeks and cam with an asnwer "best effort" which means they cant do anything more, yet they still refused to change my ip range becoz they reserved the right to do so becoz they owned it. All i answer "sure you can change my ip to whatever you want as long as the ip you changed is woring fine, but this is not the case" and they just hung up on me "politely" by say some rubbish. So i send an email to the CEO and the gmtechteam (the emails weas avaiable on the net back then. The mail to CEO was intercepted, but the mail to the gmtech got thru. Guess wat. The next day i receive a call from a technician (which u rarely are given privilege to talk to) and with no suprise the technician knows not much about telecommunition than i do (i studying telecommunication and electronic engineering atm) and i "out talked" him and he passed me to some guy working in tmnet. And the guy asked if i have any prob if they change me back to my old ip range and i reply "as long as my international link is fine, i am fine" and wah lah, after less than 30mins, my ip got changed to the good ones ^^

Anonymous said...

Streamyx's customer/technical/etc service is really bad, but so long as the service doesnt crash your still safe.

Anonymous said...

FUCK STREAMYX !!! Damn i've waited for this service for 3 damn years and now they blocked p2p. Crap !! Guys TMNET offer a new basic package for 2mb worth 188/month. Haha and i found this at TMNET's website http://www.tm.net.my/tmnet2006/contents/products-services/products.cfm?prodID=50&type=1

"Experience the Internet like never before

With tmnet streamyx, you get broadband access service, which stays perpetually connected to the Internet with speed bandwidths of 512k up to 2mbps.

So, now when you download your favourite songs, movies, music videos and even accessing your favourite websites, you won't have to wait for ever and ever, leaving you with more time to enjoy the Internet as you like.

Broadband your life today and experience the World Wide Web like never before."

Hell!! Download songs movies etc? Screw them guys. We dont need 2mb for browsing and chatting. Damn !

P/s: Are there any other Internet Providers in JB?

Anonymous said...

If you worship TMnuts, you are from the darkside, or ignorance ... there are a lot of us who are suffering from the bad services provided by this monopoly and SHIT company. Probably you are among a few of the 'voting' sources that TMnuts purposely created to save their ASS! There are a few STAR areas that are lucky enough to have the BEST COVERAGE. If you do not know SNR Margin, Line Attenuation, etc., I do not blame you, check out what they promised and you will cry ...

Anonymous said...

agree! agree! It's a shitss mother fucker broadband service!!! This is Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what? VISION 2020? with this kind of sucking competitiveness?? Go dream!! give you another 200 years also cannot acheive... STUPID! MORON!!! DAMN FUCKING!! REAL STUPID!!!

Anonymous said...

Imagine you subscribe to ASTRO for RM66 a month and you got interruption of no TV programme to watch almost 60% of the time.. what? turn on your tv with no programmes ,, watch 2minutes then stops for 5minutes... It's just CRAZZZYYY!!! Those government official do what one? or may be the service they get sitting in their cool office is never having such problem as what we face... MORON STUPID!! WHAT THE HECK??

I really fed up with this kind of chicken sucking mother fucker stuff...

Nothing can be done nothing can be acheive by this country one, believe me.. NO HOPE for a country that just knowing sending it's astraunot into the space to eat roti canai and doing teh tarik, ASHAME! ASHAME! ASHAME!! TAK MALU!!!


Anonymous said...

Bahh, TM NET really really need to grow. They oversell STREAMYX, and yet oversell its OVER CONGESTED lines. Fuck up. With over 6 mil a year, upgrade lines, please do. Or i'll come up with a nuclear bomb and detonate it all over your offices.

TM Net should really grow. Maybe their best in phone lines, but not in internet lines.

UPGRADE ur lines, OR let us free. Let other company do the job. REAL JOB here i mean!

Anonymous said...

I was working in one o f the BB company in singapore
-i understand alot of things on hows a BB really works
-lets start by saying that u cant connect to the internet
-1st, check your modem dsl light, see whether it is blinking or stable
-if it is satble most properly is the setting on the pc, but if it is blinking, it is either the modem or the line problem
-lets that about the line problem by ISP
-cust cant connect to the internet could br the wiring at the customer housing area, could the circuit or the DSLAM problem. DSLAM is a device where they can fix how many user using how many bandwidth
-some ISP because they wanted to save money they add alot of cust to one dslam even thou it has already full
-which means if the dslam can only support 10 customer with 1Mbps that means by right only 10 user should only using this but they put 15 people, in other words, try your luck, if all 15 people try to connect, only 10 people will get in the rest 5 will call the call center and ask for help, but they arent going to receive any solution...
there is alot more to say,, but this is basically alot of ISP are doing that

orang malaysia said...

afsal semua orang cakap orang putih ni... orang putih pun dah pakai streamyx eh? kira bagus la tmnet macam tu. kat amerika dan eropah pun ada streamyx?

orang sabah ba said...

orang malaysia: man u sangat lawak la... haha... happi 50 tahun merdeka malaysia

Anonymous said...

For all of you defending streamyx and blaming ones pc setup I can tell you it is only streamyx that sucks. I get all the time very good results ~1M download speed when testing against tmnuts server, but still only http timeouts when surfing Internet. Speed tests to abroad shows less than 50kbs. Further more it is not only the bandwidth but their routers sucks as well, they justs don't know where to send packets. Traceroute timeouts after 2nd..3rd hop. If someone has satisfactory connection please be happy and save us from your comments about pc settings.

Anonymous said...

anyone try maxis yet? is it any better

Anonymous said...

Punca masalah - Internet Slow dan putus2.

Setting suma dah OK. tapi masuk international line, hampeh. dengar kata kita guna gateway kat Singapore. bila lak nak buat gateway tempatan? untung dah juta2, jangan ler diperap kat Swissbank tuh. guna ler ckit utk improve service.

we pay a premium price for a crappy service.

Anonymous said...


DUDEWTF??? said...


Anti Money Sucker said...

Telekom Malaysia just another money sucker! Only know how to suck the money from people... Cant even competitive with others in the world... Line never been upgrade since ages... Call centre need to wait for ages only will pick up ur call... what a failure company that never can satisfy the broadband users...

What he said said...

Stremyx sucks, but maxis broadband sucks ass, what are you gonna do? just hang in there

Anonymous said...

Came back from a trip Monday 4/2 7AM. No DSL light. Submitted report 8:30AM. It is now Friday 8/2 afternoon, and have called them 15 times ! Standard reply "all we (help desk) can do is submit report to tech. dept. Someone will call you."
Bullpucky. NO ONE has replied to my 15 calls. Because of slow & unavailable service, I am delaying indefinitely moving my company HQ to Malaysia from Singapore.
Love the laksa, but cannot conduct business here. Too bad, Malaysia -- you snooze, you lose.

Anonymous said...

My sis face the same fate when she subscribed to streamyx few weeks ago, as work for few days and already 5 days and they cannot fix the NO adsl light problem.
Maybe shd sent nasty email to their CEO (ceo@tmnet.com.my) on how lousy the streamyx service is..

Anonymous said...

TMNet forever sucks!!

Imagine you pay for a 4MB line but can't even watch smooth streaming video !!
Then what the fuck are they so bloody thick skin like onion skin to charge the RM268 and performance is like shit!!
This is for international website. Of course they will blame it on others not and something beyond their control !!
Using my phone as a modem on Maxis 3G is faster than this fucking 4MB line.

Shame on you TMNet!!
Disgrace to the country!

Anonymous said...

Just read about the fucking FAIR USAGE POLICY in their new streamyx website. It is trully FUCK UP man!!
They are preventing Heavy Users from using heavily !!
Then what the fuck are these Heavy Users like me paying RM268.00 a month for a fucking 4MB line when they expect me to use 256K or less ?#@#??
Stupid screwed up ISP isn't it??
This simply means their INFRA is not set up to meet what they market and claimed to be !!!
They got the guts to charge people for 4MB price BUT prevent people from using 4MB. This is real daylight robbery and making customers like bloody fools.

Anonymous said...


For a few days we can't send out emails as their new outbound SMTP is just so problematic.
This happens from time to time. Really bad for business people like us.

The customer service is just another idiot. Each time we lodge a complaint, all they said was reinstall Outlook Express. Such an idiot!

Anonymous said...

I would give that mother fucking cursed streamyx a -100 points!! FUCK STREAMYX. They die for sure!

gfutfy said...

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Say no to TM said...

There we go. With the amount of people posting these comments, we can go start a riot~! =D
Like many others (excluding those suck-ass losers who claims TMNuts is fine), I'm facing loads of problems. I'm working in the IT line and those who claims about the settings in their PC resulting to the outcome of the streaming can suck balls! Seriously man, how smart can you get when you have 0% knowledge on what we learn 110% everyday? Hey moz, I support you all the way man. I know how you feel. And hey, I love Malaysia! Hate "the people".(Yeah! You know who!)

And you can't blame those moronic call center who answer your calls. Here's a funny thing about their work; they are asked to read a whole f*cking list of questions to the callers and they practically couldn't give you a relevant answer to ANY of YOUR questions. The best thing ever is to write to the press or just call the press and express it all there and it will be a "guaranteed posted" advertisement! Worst come to worst, call the radio station! But despite the many problems TM faced, I doubt they will lift a finger. I lift a finger to them! _l_

Screw TM for what they promised and couldn't achieve. Vision 2020 will come......come crashing down! The government don't even know because they are given a GREAT service! Or maybe they do. I'm not sure.

P/S: There are so many ISP to subscribe to. Why TMNut?
Examples? P1 Broadband, Maxis Broadband, Time Broadband, etc...

Cheers to all TMNut haters! =D
Love y'all!
Peace out!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hehehe....1 thing..how about we boycott streamyx?..xD.....

flyingfox said...

The abuse extends to everything - including billing. I got a "normal" reminder phone call that my bill was overdue. warm and nice, no mention of line being cut. I paid on-line within 10 minutues and received e-mail confirmation from my bank. TM did not update the system and 4 days later, they cut my line, without any notice. When I called them and gave payment details, they said it will take up to 24 hours to re-open my line. The service level is slower than the Government Agencies! You can get an International passport in 1 hour, get black-listing uplifted in 2, get road tax in 10 mintues. TM/Streamyx needs 5 days to update!