23 November 2005

left or right, stay or leave ?

the impossible do happen .... things like tmnet actually solving my streamyx problems, import duty slashed for cars but car prices still going up, etc. ...

now, by professional standards, the impossible happened. i have been made a counter offer by my new boss. i was under the impression all this while if i had wanted to leave that these guys won't actually be in my way. i was surprised to hear that they are making me another offer to stay....

what to do? should i take the opportunity to jump from technical to sales? should i stay on and enjoy the regional work?

this is a journey i need to walk alone. i don't think anyone has even the slightest clue what i feel when given both choices. how? what do i really want to do?

on one hand, the regional work still has appeal for me, and there's something sexy about speaking mandarin with a taiwanese, like a taiwanese in a train in kl ... on the other hand, there's the stability and probable bright lights with the sales job.

decisions ... decisions ... i'm hoping for devine intervention, but that's probably more unlikely than unlikely ... what to do ?

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