09 November 2005

back in bangkok ... in STYLE

i had to come back to bangkok to support some very urgent project that is going to go live very soon. i was a little sad i didn't get to spend too much time back home before travelling again, which i would very much love to.

however, this time, baby, i was travelling in style .... don't believe me ? look at this ....

the seats on the thai airways 777-200 is RECARO ... wah ... expensive car seats in an airplane. but it was really comfortable ... and the covers were in colorful thai silk, not the boring boring stuff MAS or SIA puts out.

i like thai airways more than MAS or SIA becoz:

they keep giving you wine - at least they come 3-4 rounds. MAS kiamsiap .. only serve drink one time when they serve the meal.

they SMILE at me. even if sometimes that's becoz of my clumsiness and really bad color coordination when it comes to clothes

when i ask for extra beverages, they actually get it without any problems. MAS ladies put on a face ... like as if they don't get paid to do the job

and i was put up at ... jeng jeng jeng ... the conrad, which is quite nice, especially after 12 months staying in a mid end serviced apartment

the room when i came in ... HUGE. and with full amenities. no expenses spared.

the room was littered with nice decorations, and i especially like the wooden motive thru the whole room.

and here's the workdesk, mini bar and behind the desk is a walk in closet ... full amenities. i could have left my entire toiletry bag at home, and will still be well groomed to meet my customer. grooming set - check, shoe care set - check, hair care set - check, branded perfume - check .. macam macam ada

here's the washroom ...

i didn have a wide angle lense, so you couldn't see how spacious it was. how spacious ... ? it's sooooooo big you could put a few rumah kos rendah inside. really. there's a bathtub, a large standing shower - with rain style shower that has - check this out - pressure control *hooray*, and a large toilet and again, full facilities. luv the toilet ...i should have done this at home ... i love the wash basin.

and the bed .... heavenly ...

i wish i had a girl with me ... you can't see it, but there's a pillow menu - can even select your pillow.

now, let me see what i can do in the system to make sure i stay longer .... :-)

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