08 November 2005

sheesh ... back to bangkok ... lagi + klcc view

sometimes, the harder you try to escape, the harder it is to escape. like me and bangkok. i was just getting cost here, with my ass warming my nice leather seat in my klcc office nicely when i got a call yesterday evening.

and just like that, i'm back in bangkok ... and will be there till the end of this week. which means i'll miss muz's farewell, and also miss my normal saturday routine. sigh. no driving range, can't pretend the golf balls are my boss and hit them into oblivion and beyond ... sigh ...

and this is what i will be missing this week ...

just because i have the view ... :-)

here's one view of kl, overlooking the jalan sultan ismail - jalan ampang junction from level 70 on petronas tower 2

the financial and shopping districts are all viewed from here. see times square? it's raining when this was taken, so the lighting is bad.

mbf tower, kampung baru and batu caves in the distance. jeles le ...

the infamous and always jammed jalan p ramlee and jalan ampang junction. if it's not jammed, it must be (a) chinese new year (b) hari raya (c) closed because got vip visit (d) in your dreams

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