07 November 2005

first day back in office ...

it's my first day back in the office today in klcc .... not much have changed, except that my cubicle is like a mini store for unwanted hardware ... and my african violet is on the verge of dying ... tsk tsk ...

the first day back at work was a breeze, i didn't get much to do, not much in terms of phone calls as well, so maybe it was a slow way to break me in back to the rhythm of a desk job. i'll miss the fast and furious action associated with a job on site, but after the hustle of last year, i'm more than happy to get a little 'break'.

i took a whole week off last week, and people weren't informed - intentional - because i wanted to have real peace. if i was telling people, i'd probably had a busier week in bangkok. i was up to my neck with work, and i didn't even had time to pack until saturday. lucky for me i had been planning this home trip for a while now, so i had been bringing things back bit by bit.

still, i had to leave some stuffs in bangkok. dee was the lucky receipient of my in-house fountain, and my memo pad and the old iron. thanks to him for the 100 pipers box ... (just the box, but the immigration officer @ klia really tot that i'm bringing back a box of whisky) ... and for the ride to the airport. i've never taken so many stuff on my flights before. so i needed the ride ... thanks loads.

now, it's back to the grind here in msia, i hope. i don't expect to be travelling that much over the next month or so ... i hope to get some time to organize my house. traffic to work today wasn't so bad, got to work (albeit by breaking the speed limit) within 30 minutes, which is a record for a non public holiday. hope that will stay the same at least for the time being. my ageing car is starting to drink petrol like a hungry irishman drinking guiness.

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