19 March 2008

Top Ten New Cabinet Surprises

Well, in the aftermath of a historic General Elections, the new Malaysian cabinet was revealed earlier yesterday. Besides the expected down sizing, there were a few obvious surprises. However, not many media pundit pointed out the real surprises.

So, as a community service to Malaysians at large, I'm going to point out the Top Ten New Cabinet Surprises :

  • What? Only 2 Finance Ministers?
  • No Special Adviser with Full Ministerial ranking to advise on how to stay awake ? Disappointing !
  • Many were relieved to hear that Mawi wasn't appointed as Minister to boost popularity amongst young voters.
  • How the PM steadfastly refused to rename the Energy, Water and Communications Ministry as the Earth, Wind and Fire Ministry despite impassioned pleas from the other cabinet members.
  • Samy's toupee wasn't appointed even as a deputy minister ! How can ??!??
  • To try and connect with younger voters, the PM now starts each sentence with : "Yo, Dawg !"
  • In yet another effort to appeal to younger voters, a new cabinet post is created to look for all the missing Edison Chen photos.
  • What happened to the Minister in the PM Department In-Charge of Searching for Hidden Cameras?
  • To keep BN relevant, Malaysians will vote out a cabinet member each week ... opps ... that's American Idol. Wrong channel ... :P
  • Where's Kementerian Mat Rempit ?

So, there you go people ... the Top Ten New Cabinet Surprises ! Now, let's sit back, relax and see how the country either fall apart spectacularly or improves dramatically in the next few years !

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