06 March 2008

Woohooo !!!! Sawadee Krub ... !

Sawadee Krab !!!

Ow khao neau ma muang krab !!


Will be in Bangkok next week. Hope to catch up with some really dear friends from those days when Bangkok was home to me.

In my heart, Bangkok is always a second home. I'd like to see if I can meet up with Dee and Nuclear ... hope to see how they are now. And to reminisce the older days. And get some coffee at Black Canyon. I miss Black Canyon Coffee. And funky colored Toyota cabs ... who wants a shocking pink cab ?

I miss the water splashes in Songkran. I miss the wais when I pay my food bills. I miss the randomness of Chatuchak. I miss the walk from Chitlom to Siam Square. I miss the noise in Chinatown. I miss the small meals they call lunch.

I miss Bangkok.

I'm so glad I'm getting a fix of Bangkok, even for a few days.


angeles said...

Eh.. Summit USJ oso got Black Canyon wat...

Mmmmm... u goin to visit thanksin oso ah? :P

kid theung bkk!!

Jemima said...

Safe trip ahead!

Enjoy yourself!

Winn said...

cameron highland also got black canyon.
and chulan sq got bangkok jazz also:P


moz monster said...

angeles: The Black Canyon in Thailand not the same lor ... after all it's a Thai chain. It's like eating Penang Laksa in Zimbabwe ... same meh ?

jems: Thanks, jems !

winn: See response to angeles above. You next time go South Africa eat Kangkung Sotong and see got same anot ? =P