09 March 2008

Enough !

I'm glad I voted.

I'm happy with change. The only constant in change anyways.

You had your run, you failed us. Now let others give it a go.

The people should not be afraid of the government. The government should be afraid of the people !

You asked for 5 years. We have given you that 5 years. Now show us all you can do something better. Else you know, change will come again.

Ironic isn't it, my 400th blog post will be on such a momentous ocassion !


Che-Cheh said...

The people has spoken!!! I've spoken. Hehe

See now they 'keng mei' (afraid)

_butt said...

like DiGi said, time to change.

congrats on your 400th post! :D

laundryamah said...

so i sort of can guess who u voted for?

Infectioner said...

Perak belong to Opposition.
Selangor belong to Opposition.
Hi, kawan! XD

Chev said...

the wind of change is here :)
keep fingers crossed, for a better tomorrow :)

moz monster said...

che-cheh: I hope it's the dawn of a new era, where politicians will be transparent, and will work for us, and not for their own pockets.'

_butt: Thanks ... yes ... it's time to change indeed !

laundryamah: Yes, you can guess. But my vote is secret !

infectioner: Why hai ? Isn't it a good thing that a different group of people get to run the place for a change ? At the very least we'll be able to compare them properly next time around !!!

cheb: Yeah ... the winds of changes is blowing really strong !!! Makkal Sakti !