31 January 2008

Jumping from one place to another !

It's just been a busy period for me, jumping from one place to another.

All that's been happening is a blur - I wake up, get to work, come home, chat with Girlfriend a bit, then work a bit more, and then go to sleep and repeat the process all over again. It's quite monotonous, and I'm hoping to break it a little bit.

I'll be back at the gym next week, hopefully, to break into some sweat and work myself back into a more streamlined shape. Right now, I'm so out of shape, those airport security scanning devices identify me as 'Unknown'. It's embarrassing.

On the work front, I've been nominated to join a year long project that will double my work load, and increase the amount of time I spend staring into blank spaces and computer screens. I guess it'll be good for me if I'm selected, although I'm pretty sure most people will see less of me. But it's a great program where only a few people get selected into, so I hope I'll get it.

No travels so far, but after Chinese New Year, I expect myself to help MAS achieve it's RM1 billion profit targets. Of course, those bloody lunch boxes they're giving us helps them loads. I hate the lunch boxes - cold sandwich and chocolate filled cereals isn't my idea of lunch. Or dinner. Or whatever. Gimme back my hot meals anytime !

And funnily enough, it sounds like Chinese New Year, it looks like Chinese New Year, but I'm not sure if it's Chinese New Year ! This year, the atmosphere isn't there, for some funny reason. Probably because I've been immersed with so much work that it's just impossible to feel festive. Anyways, I'm planning to get some new clothes - hopefully that will jump start my Chinese New Year festive moods. If that doesn't work, I'll start eating Kuaci-s (melon seeds) and blast Chinese New Year songs at home. Those are fail proof, but it does very little to foster neighbourly love.

And this year, there is no plan to go anywhere ! I'm not even taking a lot of leave, just a day. I'm planning on saving up my holiday for a longer vacation.

Gee, I seem to write rubbish when I don't blog too often ... ok ... no more rants. I'm done. Happy Chinese New Year !


angeles said...

No open house this year ah? I still remember the first time I got to know you... u ajak me to your open house kekekekee... and that was two years ago! Kung hei kung hei!

Che-Cheh said...

Body so out of shape? it's only because life is good. Heheheh

Happy Chinese New Year!

Jemima said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Any wedding bells for Moz in the year of rat? :p

Winn said...

moz moz happy new year! thx to the stars, me today celebrates FT day too!

may said...

good luck in your on-coming project! make lots of moolah then come visit me, ok? Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Chev said...

how many more hours to go?
now i feel like munching kuaci..
Wait, i don't have kuaci in the house :(

Gong Xi Gong Xi :)

moz monster said...

angeles: Gong Xi Gong Xi ... no open house this year. We're all partying somewhere else instead !

che-cheh: Out of shape is because life is bad lah ... no time for proper lunch, so always eat McDs ... no time to workout, take mamak dinner instead ... Gong Xi Fa Cai to you !

jems: Gong Xi HUGS to you too !

winn: Happy FT day ! And Happy Thaipusam ! And Happy Chinese New Year !!!

may: There's an outside chance I'll be around ... ;) ... Xi Nian Kuai Le !

chev: Look around, maybe under the seat or something, should have kuaci ! Maybe your former pet hamster left you some goodies ! Gong Xi Fa Cai !