18 January 2008

Penang !

Just got back from the pearl of the orient, Penang. Work carried me there for a few days, but the passion for food sustained me !

Had lots of good food, met up with Chev, took some really cool photos, and can't wait to go back. Thanks, Chev - you've been the perfect host !

Over a nice cuppa green tea latte, and some funky frappe, we had a really nice conversation. And of course, Chev can't resist showing me her new toy, the ASUS EE PC. Ee ... I so jealous !

And yeah, I saw a rainbow for the first time this year ! And on a sunny day too, how about that?

Wait for the photos on the photoblog ! Should be out within a day or two at most. I don't know if its me, but crumbling facade and wildly uncoordinated color schemes make good photos !


angeles said...

Longkang Laksa got? Rojak got? CHENdol got? CKT got? CCF got? Tau sar pneah got?? Sumua got eat bo??

Che-Cheh said...

Old shop-houses are pretty.

What's famous at Lorong Madras?

Chev said...

bila nak mari Penang lagi? :D
next time we go makan Longkang Laksa

u r so lucky..
manage to see Rainbow,
and summore on a sunny day !!!
jelesnya :P

LOL at Angeles...
Moz, next time u gotta bring Angel along liao... LOL

Anonymous said...

yerrr everyone been to penang n back...me leh???????????

moz monster said...

angeles: Sumua got eat ! Except Longkang Laksa ... because I only free to eat at night !

che-cheh: Nothing is famous in Lorong Madras. Hehehe ... just nice roadsign, that's all.

chev: Yeah, next time we go eat Longkang Laksa. And we also go and bring Angel. Perhaps we can go and eat Balik Pulau liulian as well !

laundryamah: You also can go Penang one ! Just find some new customers there lah ...