06 February 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai !

It's that time of the year again !!! It's Chinese New Year !

To all friends, enjoy your Chinese New Year with family and friends, but remember to drink responsibly, drive safely, and to gamble within limits. Too much of anything can be bad !

To all rats, since this is the year of the rat, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lab rats will be able to do experiment on the scientists one day each week
  • There will be no operations against rats in SS2 and Gurney Drive for the entire year
  • For this year only, instead of saying "Rats !" every time something goes wrong, I'll say "Hello Kitty !" instead.
  • MBPJ will be handing out leftover food to rats in the entire PJ area.
  • The most popular noodle dish this year would be Lor See Fun !
  • For children born in the year of the rat, they have the option to put a picture of Mickey Mouse on their MyKad !
  • Just this year only, they'll remove the statue of that eagle in Langkawi and replace with a rat statue.
  • Tour agencies are encouraged to take tourists out to see the rats running about in the streets of KL.
  • I will decorate all the mouse traps in my house with paper cuttings, and use lokam as baits.
  • Cheese makers to donate half of all the cheese they made to mice.



Chev said...

Happy Mousey and Ratty New Year
My only gambling is the betting on Fluff Races @ FaceBook :P

Anonymous said...

Ahh... the top 10 list


Jemima said...

Gong Xi HUGS to you!

L B said...

LOL!! Loh See Fun is good!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

may said...

heh... well at least you tried to be kind to the rats... lol!

Gung Hei Fatt Choy!

Will said...

happy CNY to you :)

moz monster said...

chev: Happy Mousey, Ratty, Mickey, Daisy, Stuart Little and Hamstery Year ! I no gamble, not even on FaceBook ...

inevitable: No, it's not a top 10 list !

jems: Go Xi HUGS back to you !!

lb: Loh See Fun is the best !!! Too bad it's so hard to find nowadays !

may: That's because my house it all rigged with mousetraps lined with chinese paper cutting !! =)

will: Happy CNY to you as well !