10 February 2008

Shameless Plug: Photoblog

It's Chinese New Year, the only time of the year when I really slow down and do nothing. So, during this relaxing period of downtime, I've been taking the opportunity to tweak my photoblog a little bit.

In line with my new post on my small and humble collection of Crystals, I've come to realise that it's quite a bad experience scrolling up and down the page to see photos and then to read about it. Therefore, I've made a small change - using Javascript to implement a photo gallery whenever I need to show a collection of photos instead of just one photo individually.

I'll appreciate it loads if you all jump over there and have a look at my handiwork (I coded the Javascript from scratch), and let me know how I can improve you experience even further ! There are some small browser cross compatibility problems - readers on Firefox will see the intro text over and over again. I'm working on that and I hope to solve it soon.

Users who have subscribed to the RSS feed might find some funny Javascript turn up instead. I'm still trying to hack around Blogger to get rid of that bit of code. I apologise if you found ocipala text instead of useful words.

Some of you know I've been a mineral / crystal collector for sometime now. Although no longer actively collecting, I still pick up nice pieces when the opportunity presents itself.

And my crystals make very good macro photography subjects ! If you're wondering how big they are - most of my crystals are quite small. Look at the last photo and you'll understand better. ;)

So, thus my shameless plug on this blog !!! What are you waiting for ? Jump over !


may said...

the crystal photos look good! I like the watermelon tourmaline one. an extra light source should help a little more in bringing out the sparkle.

angeles said...


Applegal said...

*nudge nudge* when will I get to see your crystal collection in real life? ;) I love your photos! I honestly have to give you credit for having passion and patience to do this!

ehon said...

i hopped over there before coming to here! hehe. i think white background might make the crystals stand out more. i really love the close up ones. :D and of course, the pages things! :D

moz monster said...

may: Yeah, I'm still saving to buy a 2nd flash. You mean it's not sparkling enough? Ok ... I'll bring my dad's ultra strong torchlight next time !! :P

angeles: Er ... chup ? No crystals for chupping here wor ...

applegal: Thank you ! They'll always be around, the crystal collection. No worries !!!

ehon: Thanks for visiting !!! I didn't have any black paper then, so I used a piece of blue padding, which didn't turn out too well. Perhaps I should photograph again with black paper as background ?