22 August 2006

Moz does Oz: Flowers

OK - here's the drill - Moz is not a pro photographer. Heck, Moz isn't even an amateur photographer. Moz is just indulging jemima and angel - both had some conversation with me about flowers.

angeliu asked me about Sydney's Botanical Gardens - whether there was actually any flowers in there. Yes, angeliu, have flowers. Even in winter. And more so now when it's nearer to spring, which seemed to have arrived early this year.

jemima wanted Aussie wildlife photos. Can't do that jemima - with my pitiful 3x zoom lens, if I get any closer to animals, I'll probably be blogging from a hospital very soon. I don't want that ;-P. So, as a middle ground, I'm putting up flowers instead.

These are all taken at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney, just a stone's throw away from the Opera House.

I have no idea what most of these flowers are, so only commentaries. Click to get bigger pictures, ok? If you'd like a larger sized photo, drop me a mail.

Spring has come early. Daisies bloom aplenty.

This plant is not native to Australia - it's South African in origin, and it's got a very strong fragrance - much like lemongrass.


Golden flowers beaming in the late winter sun.

Flowers in the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Look familiar? This is taken in the Oriental Gardens, featuring plants from our part of the world.

These chrysanthemums look full of movement. Or are they sunflowers? See, told you I'm bad at flowers.


Fruit bats getting their hours of sun on tree tops in Sydney's Royal Botanical Gardens. It wasn't even close to being creepy, unlike what you might imagine. Heck, they look cute. Really.

I must have seen this in Malaysia - not sure what it's called, but I don't mind having one of these at home.


Another peculiar native Australian plant.


angel said...

Very liuliu leng ahhh!!!

Lavendars? Niceeee!

U din take a pic of a "garden of flowers"? U know wat i mean? Heheh...soli, not trying to be demanding... just asking nia...

TQ! *muaks*

Jemima said...

Thanks for the beautiful flowers, Moz.

It's not everyday that I get flowers from a thoughtful friend like you. :p

Like many other women, I love to get flowers, especially when there is no particular reason & that makes it even more special.

Thanks again, Moz. Your post really cheer me up. HUGS!

Che-Cheh said...

Yup a BIG BIG HUG for you, Mozzy. :P

They are all pretty and beautifully taken. I like all of them especially the chrysanthemums. I've never seen that kind of beauty in a chrys before.

Thanks for sharing with us. :)

moz monster said...

angeliu: got lar ... got take photo of garden of flowers lar ... wanna see izzit?

jemima: Nice, heh? I thought you girls would enjoy it.

che-cheh: I'm not even sure what flowers they are ... but I'd say they could be chrysanthemums, or they could be sunflowers. But enjoy them ...

Inevitable said...

Lavenders? I thought lavenders are purple in colour, no?
Anyway these pictures are teh nice!!

moz monster said...

inevitable: I can't tell for sure if it's really a lavender ... but that's what the sign says at the plant.

Thanks for the nice comments ...