31 August 2006

Birthday Blog: Six Random Moz Facts

Being nice has its downside. In my case, either my nick is not nearly long enough, or I'm just too nice. Either way, I get tagged like really often.

It's birthday today, so I'll humor angeliuna joliu by doing the simple meme ... just simply stating 6 random Moz facts ...

Random Fact #1: I am sometimes called the perpetual optimist for my ability to just simply believe that everything will always turn out ok.

Random Fact #2: I actually know where every last cent of my money is spent every month. Even I can't believe I'm THAT calculative.

Random Fact #3: I always wear out my shoes before buying another pair. As a result, I never have more than 3 pairs of footwear at any time - my casuals, my sports shoes and my working shoes.

Random Fact #4: I like ties and cufflinks. I love 'em. I don't think I buy enough of 'em.

Random Fact #5: If I drink wine without any food to go with it, I only take white wine.

Random Fact #6: I have a huge stamp collection from my younger days. Just to make the collectors jealous, I have a Black Penny. I also have the 2 Pence Blue. That means I have stamps from the first series ever issued.

So ... 6 random facts ... enough?? I'm sure I'll pull out more from time to time, but that's it for the time being.


pelf said...

You know what? I have a lot of stamps too... Hheehhe..

angel said...

hmmm... interesting... u are the 2nd person i know who simply love cufflinks! ;)

tenkiu, mozzieliu!

last burpday wish for the day...
sook san wan gert!

Jemima said...

Haha I have lots of stamps & First Day Covers, too.

I got tagged too - same tag twice. It's posted today, too. Btw, you're 4 short of your normal Top 10. hehe

Have a good weekend. :p

Che-Cheh said...

Wah I think us Virgoans are very calculative man! I take note all my spending..even the teeny wheeny bits.

And I have stamps too but I'm not an avid stamp collector. I never heard of Black Penny or 2 Pence Blue until now. I just collect stamps coz they're beautiful. :)

moz monster said...

Someday, we have to exchange notes and check out each other's collections ...

I wanna know that other person who loves cufflinks ... maybe we can start a cufflink club or something ..

I'm not much of a First Day Cover collector because I'm more into the stamps part ...

Thanks ... you have a great weekend yourself !!!

I have stopped collecting for a long time, but I do still keep in touch, and yes, the Black Penny is the first stamp ever released in the world. It's amazing how much that little piece of paper really is worth now ...

Infectioner said...

shoot, lose to Moz by one pair of shoes... haiii

moz monster said...

You are doing very well indeed ... congratulations for having 2 pairs of shoes ... =)