13 August 2008

Moz does Jakarta

I don't know why, but after all these while, I felt like doing a travel entry, so here I am ...

I'm currently in Jakarta, putting up at the very nice JW Marriot. Here are pictures of my most visited hotel for the year :P

The room at JW Marriot. Quite nice, and well appointed.

I had my check-in done in my room now, thanks to my new Marriot Silver status ;)

I had a visitor from India with me, so tonight, I decided to go out for some different food, rather than stay around the same area I always eat out at.

So, with Hunady, my local colleague, we went out venturing to Sate Khas Senayan. I'll let the photos do the talking ! Don't blame me if you get hungry looking at the photos, ok ?!

So, we went out to Sate Khas Senayan !! Yeah, it's a chain, but the food is still good. This one is at Menteng, a central Jakarta district, home to the famous and rich people.

My colleagues trying to figure out what to order ...

Someone looks very happy that the food has arrived !

The flying fish, gureme goreng, is a signature dish here ... looks like the ones they make at the Sundanese Restaurant at KLCC, but tastes much better =)

While this dish (I forgot the name), is made of egg tofu, omelette, and bean sprouts. Nice alternative to gado-gado !

But really, this is why we came ! The chicken sate, served over a bowl with charcoal under it ! Simply delicious. It's not the same as kajang sate in Malaysia, so it's not really possible to compare.


Che-Cheh said...

Fuwah silver status!

So what's the difference btw Indon's sate and Malaysia's sate?

Chen said...

fuwah, so syiok
i should have changed job...

would love to try out the indon sate :)

Winn said...

u r so lucky....

now stop complaining in fb status:P

moz monster said...

che-cheh: Silver status is nothing lor ... just means that you get one more orange everyday. But then they take away your chocolate :(

Malaysian sate more dry ... Indon sate is more moist. Also, the gravy is not spicy, it's more like the Penang sate gravy, but with very fine peanut, not chunky.

chen: Come lar ... you do my work and I do yours, want ?

winn: Ha? Can go Indonesia means I cannot complaint is it ?