19 June 2008


Yesterday, I had a double shot of expresso from the coffee machine at work.

Immediately after that, till around 4am in the morning, I was a constant visitor to the toilet. It wasn't fun.

And this morning, I woke up to a bit of a fever too.

Sometimes, the body just tells you that a downtime is required.

And when that happens, you listen.


rainbow angeles said...

*LaoSai Queen shakes hand with Moz*

Chen said...

Poor Moz
Poor Angeles

Hope both of u get well soon.

Winn said...

faster get wellll then can go photo outing liao!;)

moz monster said...

rainbow angeles: Really so ngam ar ? Next time you got laosai you tell me first, ok ? I avoid coffee on those days ...

chen: I'm ok now :)

winn: photo outing ? caaaaan ! bila ?