24 June 2008

Checklist for next weeks

  • Luggage - check
  • Credit Cards - check
  • Camera - check
  • Tripod - check
  • Octopus Card - check
  • Shopping List - check
  • Walking Map - check
  • MTR Map - check
  • Olympic venues list - check

I'm going Hong Kong. Then I'll go Beijing. =)

Travel times are here again ! =)

No, no shopping requests entertained. I've got enough from my sunshine and family already =(

Hopefully, there will be photos. And blog entries.


Winn said...

check me in!

Che-Cheh said...

holiday or work? garu kepala...

tapau for me dim sum! hahaha

btw do you happen to know when will the HK December sales start? :P

moz monster said...

winn: Plants not allowed by Hong Kong quarantine lar ... even if I check you in, you have to spend 3 weeks in a quarantine facility somewhere in Hong Kong. How ?

che-cheh: If it says HK December sales ... I don't think it can start before December or after December, right ?

Dim Sum cannot, but maybe something from HK can lar !

Jemima said...

Beijing Olympics???

Have a safe trip.

Chen said...

so syiok :)
Octopus card reminds me of Sotong :P

Have fun in HK & Beijing

moz monster said...

jems: I'd miss the Olympics for all the nightmare traffic and insane hotel prices. But one of the reasons for being in Beijing is the Olympics. =)

chen: Hehehee ... I can show you my sotong card !

I'll try my best to have fun !

inevitable said...

Have a good trip.
Try the stinky toofoo and the bestest 'tong sui' at Wong Kok... It is heavenly!