27 September 2007


This trip's been all about contrasts.

Staying in upscale hotels, presenting in world class office facilities, dining in the finest restaurants, getting trapped in traffic on some of the widest boulevards in this region.

And then, you look out the window of the upscale hotel to see signs of poverty in the dirt covered ramshackle homes.

And taking a break from the presentation, you see from the pantry, kids not even old enough to attend pre-school begging for money on the roads below.

On my way out from one of my dinners, we took a shortcut which passed through some of the narrowest streets, lined with the same ramshackle homes I saw earlier.

This city, like many other I've been to, is all a big paradox. World class office towers stands towering over poverty stricken neighbourhoods, where houses look like they'll barely stand when the wind picks up.

Whenever we had to duck out of the wide boulevards, we inevitably end up in dirt roads where 2 cars are not supposed to be on it at the same time.

Oh, and yes. While I've been working my arse off the past couple of days, how can you explain I actually put on weight ?


JL said...

put on weight??? eh perhaps you used more of your brain's energy rather than your body's :P

anyway... don't be too stress out. all the best! :)

laundryamah said...

errr..u said ma worked ur arse off ma..meaning u've been actually sitting on your arse too long la! liddat of course put on weight la!

Che-Cheh said...

because of the GOOD food lo.

the 'jurang' between rich and poor is very clear in countries like Indonesia, Philippines. Maybe it's because of this, political war always happen.

may said...

because at each meal, you ate alot alot alot of good food?

Will said...

maybe because you're stressed out at work, so you eat more :P

Jemima said...

Thanks for your support, my friend.

Much appreciated. *hugs*

moz monster said...

jl: I think I just eat too much, stressed out or otherwise !

laundryamah: I was standing and presenting most of the time, actually !

che-cheh: Actually hor, anywhere also the gap between rich and poor is very big. Just that in some places, there are more people who are in middle class, meaning they aren't that poor, but also isn't very rich. Like Malaysia ...

may: You know me best ! XD

will: And when I not stressed, I eat lots too ! No difference to me !

jems: I hope whatever it is, that you will stay strong. We're all here for you !