08 September 2007

Little bit of update ...

These are busy times for me. Both at work and in my own personal time, there are just so many things happening, it's both fulfilling and dizzying at the same time. It's a bit like juggling with really sharp things ... it demands concentration, if you do it well, the audience will applaud and appreciate your skills. If you do it badly, you could end up with some very ugly scars.

Some of you may know I have another blog (other than the photo blog, that is). Well, most of you won't. Anyways, that blog is shutting down soon - it's turning into a pay-only site, and I don't like pay only sites - as if there's not enough ad revenue to go around !

So, I'm now in the process of moving posts that mean a lot to me from that blog into this one. I've done the backup, but there's more to it than just copy and paste. It's not a Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v thing, moving sites.

One thing about reading that other blog all over again is that somewhere in those blog entries, is the history of my digital photography journey ! There are so many great memories ! You will soon see some of those blog entries moved over here, as soon as I make them ready, I'll point it out to all of you, so that you can see what I was like before I was here, before I became the Mozilla Monster you all know (or don't know).

It was also about a time when I was grappling my way through work life, so it's been doubly satisfactory for me to read up on my own journey through those formative career years !

It'll take time to get those posts over here, so keep coming back to check on what's up. In the meantime, I've posted some photos from that other blog over at my photo blog. The first series is called Bali Sunset. Do hop over to have a look !


Your best friend, pelf said...

You mean your best friend (me) doesn't know your other blog? Hmmph..

laundryamah said...

wah what other blog? how to maintain so many leh? Eh the photos of Hanoi really goood!

Che-Cheh said...

Wah didn't know you had another blog. Hehe

Sure will read 'em when you post 'em.
In the meantime happy weekend. (almost over)

moz monster said...

dear new best friend: I'm pretty sure there's much more others don't know about me !!!

laundryamah: I don't maintain the other blog at all. It's like the blog I had before I have this one !

Thanks for the nice words about the Hanoi photos. =)

che-cheh: Better not know about the other blog ! =P .. very dark side of me showing there ... you might think I'm the Emporer himself !

may said...

so how many active blogs do you have, really? all-in-one lah... that's the best! ;-)

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Moz,

Doing some shifting and moving? Take your time...will be back to peep again.

moz monster said...

may: Now I only have 2 ... and that also because some people complaint that my blog is turning in photoblog ...

nyonyapenang: That blog was an earlier attempt at blogging that wasn't very successful ... total of 6 comments in 3 years !!!

I just update my first retro blog entry !

And thanks for dropping in once in a while - much appreciated !