13 February 2007

Streamyx Down Lagi ... Hope to be back by Christmas 2007

I endured a multi-week downtime with Streamyx last year.

The signs are extremely encouraging that the same level of outage will happen to me again. I got a case created yesterday, but today, we're still nowhere close to even working on the problem.

I'm very proud to say that if my Streamyx access is back by Christmas 2007, I shall blog about it proudly as a Malaysian, as in a Malaysian enjoying World Class Service. I seriously hope my Streamyx access will be back by then.

What's the problem? Well ... the DSL light on the Aztech modem provided by TM is not lighted. That means no DSL connection.

Tried all the splitter tricks (bypass, plug out plug in again, plug in with different cable, plug in at different phone jack, etc. etc. et al). See if any of you wiseguys have a REAL solution.

For all you other innocent bystanders, if you live anywhere in Bandar Kinrara, Streamyx sucks there. Don't consider signing up until it becomes more stable. For the rest of you, feel free to comment on how long you think it'll take TM to fix my simple problem. My personal expectation is for a solution by Christmas 2007.


pelf said...

I'm not gonna speculate - bad karma.. Muahahaha :) But at least I know why you've been missing for so long :)

angel said...

*clap clap clap*
Sarcasm is Liuuuu...

Applegal said...

Christmas 2007 is too long!! Chinese New Year pun belum sampai lah XD

There there, why not enjoy a massage while you wait?

*pours ylang ylang massage oil on palms, rubs for warmth, and kneads Mozzie's shoulders*

Winn said...

why have to wait till xmas?

i use infoage..phew! no streamyx. the best thing is, no need land line! haha

Jemima said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Moz.

may said...

Christmas 2007?! hmmmm... make that 2008 lah, hahaha!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Che-Cheh said...

Use dial up lo...wuhahaha

Will said...

xmas? you gotta be kidding... i would call them everyday and pester them until they solve the problem

Inevitable said...

I have the same problem... sometimes able to connect sometimes can't.
Siennn ahhh...

moz monster said...

Dear All:
Streamyx is back !!! And it's not even Chinese New Year !!!!

Wait for the Moz Appreciates Streamyx Telah sUdah BAlik TErsambung (MASTUBATE) !!! post .... =p

I'm ... BACK !!! =)

No why ... nothing sarcastic there ... just stating my honest aspirations for TM ...


*enjoys relaxing massage* ... even though the connection's back already !

Infoage only available at luxurious condominiums !! Me stay at non-luxurious place lah ...

Thanks !!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you too !

Wah ... 2008 ??? So it appears my ambitions were modest compared to yours !!!

Dial up? What's that ??? Must be some pre-historic way to connect to the Internet .... =)

Pester them? I heard they are all sent for anti-pester, anti-perasan, anti-peri kemanusiaan training lah ... sure can work or not, pestering them ?

Is that why you've been out of action for so long??

Aiyor ... susah without the Streamyx, hor ??

Inevitable said...

Well, that's one of the reason...

velisian said...

happy new year to u ...
when can my son get ang pao from u ah??

Che-Cheh said...

Hey Mozzy,

Have a Prosperous Chinese New Year. :)

Winn said...

merry cny mozzieeeeee

tu streamyx down u not down yet!

moz monster said...

Ha ... anything I can help you with? Or is it all because of my Jogoya mamak invitation ??

Dun liddat lor ... I let you belanja me in other mamak lor. Any mamak in 5 star hotel oso can, ok ???

Even my mum is not asking that question lah ... anyways ...

If your son really want, I can still give angpow. Nowadays, angpow angpow don't have to be married to give one ... =)

Prosperous?? Ok ok ... THANKS !!!!

I hope you mean my wallet and not my waistline, right ?

Streamyx up oredi ... I just lazy to blog. =p