31 December 2009

Last post from 2009

First of all, let me say I’m quite sorry there has been a lot of silence in this blog for the past few months. If only you knew the hectic pace of life, the worries keeping me awake, the running around I’ve had, and all the changes that had happen. Well, I suppose I could have blogged about all of those, but life’s priorities shifts with time, and with circumstances.

Let me begin by saying that this has been at best, a year of dreams being realized, and at worst, a year when dreams were also destroyed.

2009 saw some pretty depressing things happening to our economy, and to the global financial situation. Working for a foreign company, I nearly felt the full force of the dip in economy – my company filed for Chapter 11. That immediately cast a really dark shadow over my working situation.

Uncertainty, anger, frustration and ultimately, despair of the situation resulted. I really wanted to motivate myself to greater heights with the company, but it wasn’t to be. Working for a company in Chapter 11 is like driving on a busy highway whilst stuck in reverse gear.

I had a lot of dreams with the company – it wasn’t to be. And since I put so much prominence on what I do, it goes without saying that I felt like it was a huge setback.

On a more personal note, aside from work, my dreams for 2009 materialized. I was able to achieve my childhood goal of visiting Cambodia’s famed Angkor temples. Walking amongst the ruins of perhaps the greatest religious monuments ever built was electric.

Other notable happenings in 2009 included my losing 10kgs through a disciplined regime of dietary changes and regular workouts. I know I wouldn’t be growing any younger – it’s time to start caring for my body. It’s the responsible thing to do for my loved ones.

I also took a trip to Bali with The Girl Friend. This was one trip I’ve always wanted to do. It was again, fulfilling on so many levels – being able to explore Bali again is a joy. But being able to share it with her makes it all the more sweeter. We came to know each other because of Bali related chatter.

And finally, I made a job switch that I thought was not possible to me any more. 10 years ago, I was interviewed and accepted to work for a technology giant. Due to reasons beyond my own control, I wasn’t able to accept that position. I’ve always wondered if there would be a day again when I get a second chance to work for this company that I’ve always admired.

I was nearly in tears when I heard the news that I was accepted. I am now doubly motivated to do well here, and I think there’s something electric about working for a company that you admire.

In reality, 2009 had its ups and downs. I will choose to remember the downs, and take those as lessons for a rainy day, when I’m sure I will need to call upon those lessons to take me through them with less pain, and perhaps more hindsight. And I will choose to remember the ups, and take those joys as motivations and memories that will energize me to scale to a higher plane in 2010.

To anyone who still reads this blog, thanks ! Your blog-friendship is much appreciated. A very Happy New Year to you, and a very successful year ahead !


jemima said...

Live & Learn - that's what life is.

Happy New Year & may all your wishes come true.

Che-Cheh said...

Happy New Year! Have a fab 2010 :)

pelf said...

Just wanted to say that I'm not missing your blog posts because I'm still following your Facebook updates :)

Anyway, Happy New Year (again), and it was really a pleasant surprise seeing you that day :)