11 May 2009

Moz: Where is he now ?

It's been a very long while since I last posted anything useful, interesting, or worth reading here on this blog.

Is it because I've gotten so busy with life that I have no time for blogging? No, not really. Since my workplace has been stuck in a semi bit of rut (no thanks to those free spending Americans who charge everything to their credit cards), in fact, work has been drying up a bit. But just a wee bit, and you know, bosses find ways to occupy you, and it's not good if you're continuously free anyways ... it makes you a little susceptible.

So, it's not work then.

Well, is it that nothing interesting has been happening? No, not that too. Since last year, I've stopped blogging about a lot of my trips, and my own personal discoveries, etc. Trips I thought were interesting that I never really blogged about included my trips to Sydney and Hunter Valley in Australia, my own little trip to Cameron Highlands in August and December last year, my Penang and Langkawi trips, my drives to Sekinchan, Melaka and Tanjung Tuan ... quite a bit has happened, and I've clocked in a bit of miles too. So, you know, I've been out and about ...

So, what is it then ?

I guess a bit of Facebook to blame, a bit of blog fatigue, and a bit of lack of blogosphere friends anymore. I notice a lot of my blogger friends have now migrated to using Facebook as a means to 'blog' ... it's more interactive anyways.

So I am still thinking if it will be a good idea to keep up the blog. I really want to, but I might turn this into one where I just blog about my trips and adventures ... just so that I have a place to properly write about where I've been, what I've learnt, and one day, when memories fail me, maybe it'll be useful - just maybe - who knows if Blogger would be around for that long anyways !

On a more personal note, I've made myself a personal challenge of losing enough fat so that my BMI reading will suggest I'm within a healthy range by the time I holiday in Bali later this year. I've allowed myself plenty of time, and I've finally found enough discipline to force myself into a healthier lifestyle. The story so far is that I've just about 2kgs short of my personal target ... so it's getting there. I've lost around 7 so far ... so, it's been doing well ! I hope to be well and truly at my target weight by the time I'm in Bali, hopefully, having the vacation of a life time !

In the meantime, I won't promise more blog entries, knowing fully well that for whatever reasons, they may not be forthcoming. But if I will blog soon, my thoughts are that I'll just be putting in entries on my little travels - far and near. And those should keep me happy for the time being !


Steve said...

I think a lot of the bloggers that I read are in the same boat as you, including myself. You get to the point where you wonder if people are really interested in your ramblings.

When it comes right down to it, it's like chatting to your mates about what you've done this week, and your mates are interested as long as you're interested in what they've done. You might not get a heap of strangers reading your blog, but your regulars will stick with you.

Now you mentioned Australia again. You really must try to visit Queensland, even if it's just Aussie Zoo and maybe Seaworld.

Great to see you back.

moz monster said...

You know, Steve, I think you have a great point there ... it's meant to be interactive in the first place !

I guess we all miss that, and if the blogosphere's going to be buzzing with activities again, I think it'll have to start like that ...

I actually lived in Brisbane for 2 years while completing my Bachelor's at QUT ... so I've been to Seaworld and all the other worlds ! :)

One of these days, I'll be back, but not before I've seen everything else first !