31 May 2008

Just back from another trip ...

Sometimes, I wonder about my job, and how it relates to my life. And how it's true for everyone else.

I had this conversation with my cab driver in Ho Chi Minh City. We were talking about how Vietnam, while rapidly developing, is still a very difficult country to live in. Vietnamese live a hard life, he says.

I just answered my 40th phone call that day, and I told him - working in the city means more money, but you work all the time. And working the land means you may not have as much money, but you have much more time to yourself and your family. Some have that choice to make. Some don't.

That's my life now described. My decisions led me to this path now, where in exchange for career betterment, I have now less time for the things I like. Things that I missed doing.

I haven't been posting any new photos because I haven't really been photographing.
I haven't gone hiking for a while now.
I haven't gotten 8 hours of sleep for a few months too.
I haven't been able to see the sunset for many months now, except during my vacation.
I really miss going to gym.
And yes, I miss blogging too.
And yes, I miss commenting on my blogpal's blogs.

I hope I'll learn to manage my time better. I really miss a lot of things ...


Che-Cheh said...

So is life back to normal? or still busy bee?

zeroimpact said...

Totally understood
It gets so much more difficult when you have multiple hobbies or things that you would like to do
Wonder when will all these stop???

_butt said...

when we buy time to manage our career, we have to let go of something else. gah. I hated the fact that it's always about balance. back to square one.

inevitable said...

That's the way, aha aha.

We sell off our time for money. Some get more, some get less...