01 April 2008

Busy just gets busier

I bought myself a Blackberry. And that's just because busy is getting busier.

Having a Blackberry device frees me up for a bit more mobility without tying me up to a laptop.

It's quite funny - once upon the time, it was considered a liberating experience to get yourself a laptop ! Suddenly you can work from home ... no more getting stuck to the workstation !!! I remember the first laptop I had - it's a heavy Toshiba with enough weight to help you build very nice shoulder muscles.

Then, you can download your emails via dial-up connections. Then you disconnect, then you answer all the emails offline, and you dial-up again, then you send all your emails.

One day, my neighhbour showed me his broadband connection. And since then, I've had broadband (and all its ups and downs, and all the high blood pressure risks that came along with it), and I've never looked back. At first, I have wired broadband at home - I need to sit 3 feet from the ADSL modem because that's how long the cable is.

Then, one day, my company gave me a home wireless router to try out. And since then, I've been running a wireless network at home. It gives me the ability to move about the house and still be connected online - of course, I have to bring my laptop with me.

Granted my laptop is very light, but it's still a bit of a bummer. I can't really put my laptop on my lap when I'm in the washroom. Of course, you really don't wanna have to work or do anything online when you're doing some more serious business, if you dig what I'm saying.

So, enter my Blackberry. This simply means that I get to be online even more often, and I'm going to be more connected. Bad? No, I think not. Everytime I've added more connectivity to my life, I've been fearful that I'll loose out on more of the better things in life.

But the contrary has happened - I didn't need to be in the office all the time, I can work from home where it's reasonable. And I didn't need to be connected at all times. I can do simple tasks on the move whenever those work comes in, and that means I don't have to sit at one place for a long time to clear my work.

I hope that busy getting busier isn't going to mean I'll lose touch with all good things in life.


inevitable said...

Ei, I thought you said you don't want to get a Blackberry? Cannot resist temptation eh?

_butt said...

remember to de-busy yourself once in a while oh (^_^)

Jemima said...

Remember to these 2 words when you're buzy, stressed & overwork... TIME-OUT!!! :)

Winn said...

do u mean u will blog more or u will answer our one liner comment in 10 paragrahphs karangan?

laundryamah said...

oh noooo...a blackberry...that's the end of your social life.....ok ok better not make that true ok??? long time no see u wor!

angeles said...

I shall wish you all the best and may you have enough time for Life ;)

Time and tide waits for no man.

Che-Cheh said...

Make sure you got time for yourself and family.

moz monster said...

inevitable: The price was too good to resist, plus, I hope I will be able to manage my own life better with this BB.

_butt: I try to debusy all the time. It's just that the results are still a bit inconsistent so far ...

jems: Yup, copied. TIME-OUT. I hope to take one soon !

winn: I hope to blog more, and yes, I will respond to all comments I get, no matter how short or how long.

laundryamah: How come you seem like you're speaking from experience jek ? =P.

Next time consult me first then only arrange meet mah !!! Then sure can one !

angeles: Truth be said, the BB has helped me get away from the laptop ... so I got a bit more life now !!! ;)

che-cheh: If anything is more important than work, it's friends and family !

coolingstar9 said...

It is really good for you to have Blackberry, so that you can access to the internet any moment.
You will definitely have the new experiences.
Have a nice day.

Chev said...

so.. i presume u won't buy the EeePC liao since u already have Blackberry (which sounds like a fruit to me.. :P)

moz monster said...

coolingstart9: I am not so sure about this internet always on. I prefer my life to be always on instead :P

But it's not a zero-sum game - just because Internet is always on doesn't mean I have to loose any bit of life ! =)

chev: I still have EeePC on my mind !!!

may said...

I confess that even though I've been given a Blackie, I refuse to look at it over the weekend and after work hours, except when it's an absolute emergency. work can always wait la... give yourself a break, you workaholic! lol!

moz monster said...

may: Me not workaholic ... YET ! But yeah, I don't use it when it's time to get a rest. It's just too much of a drain to be on top of the situation all the time !