31 December 2007

Good one, 2007 !

Dear readers,

It's quite inevitable that I'll write one more post for the year on the last day of 2007 ... sort of a personal report card for my own keepsake when my own memory bank fails me eventually someday in the future. Somehow, for all the great year that 2007 was, this will be one of the few tangible bit of memory that I'll have to show for it.

2007 was a great travel year, but yet, most of the travel really took place in the 2nd half of it, and it felt like I was constantly on the move during the last 3 months of it.

I went far and traveled to parts of the world I've always wanted to see for myself. So, what left really deep impressions on me this year ?

I'll have to pick out a few overseas trip:

Sydney, Australia

Going to Australia is always good and fun. Of course, fun is one thing, meeting up with friends is another. Despite what some people say about Australians being less than friendly, I found myself making new friends and renewing acquaintances in Sydney this year. I'd like to thank May and my friends Darren, his young and vibrant family, and Kelen for their hospitality.

This trip's important because of the things about people that I learnt. Sometimes, small lessons take you very far. Most things you can buy have expiry dates. Friendships last forever.


Visiting 5 cities in the Greater China region in a matter of weeks on business is no small matter. I just had to see China for myself, to understand the history, and to see the future. Seeing China for myself, I have no reasons to doubt that this is the future, and I will have to learn from today to deal with that future. Like it or not, there is little stopping the Chinese march forward.

Of course, having some good food, great company, and making some new friends in China didn't hurt !

Bangkok, Thailand

Having the Girlfriend around this year had been a real joy ! None more so than when we went for a walkabout in Bangkok ! This being her first real overseas trips to a foreign land, I was quite happy for her that she did enjoy herself !

Food - GREAT !
Sights - GREAT !
Shopping - GREAT !

Ups and downs, highs and lows ... it happened all this year ... I can't wait for the next years !

I hope to continue with my travels, to take more photographs, and hopefully, I'll be able to post them to share with you all as well !

Happy New Year 2008 !



Winn said...

mozzie new year!!:)

pelf said...

Happy new year, Moz! :D
More traveling next year, yea? :D

may said...

oooh I see me... whee! glad you had a wonderful time here, and so many cool trips. hope you have more (but less stressful) visits around the globe next year.

Happy 2008!!

angeles said...

Kung Hei Fatt Dai Choy!!

*waits for angpow...*

Jemima said...

Happy New Year!!! :)

moz monster said...

winn: And Happy Liu Year to you too !

pelf: I'm hoping for more of the same this year ... and of course, under improved terms. Happy New Year !

may: I had a great time in Sydney. Too bad I couldn't get the T&Cs the way I wanted. Hopefully, the opportunities will present themselves again. Happy New Year 2008 !

angeles: I'm not married yet ... so you can keep waiting for you angpow. But still, Kung Hei Fatt Dai Dai Choy to you !

jems: And a Happy New Year to you as well !

Chev said...

ocipala new year
oops, this new year shouldn't be an ocipala wan

u travel to so many places over the last few months. Syiok leh.. but of coz it's tiring too :)

Happy New Year 2008 :)

moz monster said...

chev: Happy New Year yourself ! And faitit go and put up some ocipala blog about your recent travels !

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year bro. We really need to meet up soon...


p.s. i forgot my blogger login id... haha

moz monster said...

inevtiable: Happy New Year ! How was your Vietnam adventure ?? Must faitit tell us all about it, ok ?