24 November 2007

I No Likey ...

The ocassional doctor tagged me to write about 10 things that I hate ... so here goes ... and no, it's not a Top 10 list ...

  • Being stuck in traffic jams caused by police roadblocks that has nothing to do with escaped fugitives, armed robberies, major accidents or incidents, significant events (Merdeka, New Year's Day, etc). Especially the ones where they start the roadblocks a few days before anything's even supposed to happen.
  • Bad service in any restaurants where a service tax is imposed. If I'm taxed for service, I demand service ! I don't have a choice of not paying, so I better get the service. I prefer tipping ... it's at my discretion whether I pay or not, based on how happy I was with the service !
  • Being told that the price of 'something' is still low compared to other countries every time there is a price increase. Get real, if I compare that way, we're expensive compared to many nations ... even before any price increase !
  • Busybody, Malaysian driver style. Accident on another side of the road will always cause as much, if not even more, traffic congestion on the other side !
  • Chinese wedding dinner receptions in KL. If it says on the invitation it'll start at 7.00 pm, plan to arrive at 8.15 pm when they are going to consider serving dinner.
  • The global phenomenon where white skin is treated as superior to other skin colors. It's like what Chen calls Kulitfication, but subtler. It's like when in Vietnam, how ragged, badly dressed western backpackers are treated better than better dressed Malaysian backpackers on the basis of our skin color alone.
  • People dragging me into meaningless meetings simply because they want a show of numbers. Waste of my good time !
  • People turning up for my meetings simply to sleep and to eat the tidbits. If you're turning up for my meetings, you're expected to contribute. I should stop serving fruit platters and tidbits at my meetings!
  • Explaining something over, and over, and over, and over, again. Some people just don't get it. It's such a waste of good time.
  • Waiting. I hate long, unjustified waits. I hate waiting in a queue when a few other counters remain unopened. I hate waiting when someone could have done their job better, but just can't be bothered to. I hate waiting when it could have been avoided - see my 1st no likey item.


pelf said...

Oh my, we do have a lot in common! :)

Winn said...

i totally totally second ur hate!!!

speechlessly agree man! i feel angry reading ur annoyance!!! chill winn chill!

another thing do u have ppl who bring their dogs to makan places? some would consider it unhygenic....i hardly bring liucas out makan....since dog is so unwelcome here. wish there are dog frenly restaurant

angel said...

U no say you no likey kalaoke arr? :P

nyonyapenang said...

oooooh.....kalaoke? no hate, right?

Chen said...

yeah, the chinese wedding dinner receptions. Luckily i have few friends who arrived and started the wedding dinner on time.

wah.. u serve fruit platters and tidbits at meetings wan ah?

And i heard someone is Karaoke King :P

moz monster said...

pelf: I think these are very common no likey items, aren't they ?

winn: Well, you should consider migrating to San Diego. That city is totally dog ok ! Can even shop for Gucci with your dog, as long as its on a leash !

angel: Kalaoke no much likey. But if I'm in kalaoke ... might as well sing lah !!! Not cheap to just sit in there, ok ?

nyonyapenang: No ... no hate. But not very likey. If you gimme RM60 and ask me to spend however I likey, I won't be in a kalaoke ! =P

chen: How can meetings be without some forms of refreshments ?

And I totally deny the baseless claims that I'm a karaoke king. I just sing once I'm in a karaoke ... since I'm paying, I might as well make full use of it !

kat said...

Yes, yes, people here also look at your kulitfication. The lighter you are, the more kulitfied you are.. :P