26 December 2005

my little bit of xmas

i'm not a christmas fan, not a subscriber in the christian faith, but i really appreciate the christmas holiday for what it really is. it's a holiday !!since my return from overseas, i've been trying to catch up with my friends, many of whom have assumed i'm awol ... and i've managed to latch to one group ... my former rotaractors !

me & kenneth

we had a gathering at fong's bakery in seri hartamas on xmas eve. saw all my old friends there, had a good time. happy to hear that many are about to end their days of being single. congrats to them. the ones who've got hitched and are living miserable married lifes, i managed to see their little ones - a reminder to myself that i'm not really into having kids. (but they're so adorable !)

anyways, that and some high calorie mamak meeting too. haven't had any high calorie meeting for some time now.

the people (and ex-people) from avaya who're not on leave (or who have nothing better to do on xmas eve)

earlier in the day, i was with my colleagues (and one ex colleague who defected) at Chili's in KLCC. had a good time, talked a lot of cock, and had a splendid time. we should do this more often. also had a good time after that checking out lcd tvs .... i wanna get one to put into my study room post renovation.

yes, i'm thinking of renovating the study room. put aircond, put nice shelfs, put some study desks, create a little bit of an atmosphere in there. should be good.

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