27 October 2005

favorite thai memory #2: friends

you won't be able to convince me that there are rude thais .... the people are simply polite to a tee.

and once you learn to mingle with them, and know how to strike a conversation with the thais, then you have a verey good time.

thais are simply friendly, no question.

see if you can spot my real good friends amongst these pictures ...

to all my team members, be they from my own company or be they from the customer, the lessons i learn from each one of you makes me a richer person, wealthier by the experience of knowing you.

for you thai friends, you can be assured that if you find me in thailand, i'll definately look you up. if you find yourself in malaysia, the least in can do for you is to return the hospitality and show my how beautiful my own country is. i'll look forward to seeing you folks ...
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